Monday, October 5, 2020

October 1962 WWIII

 If you are wondering what the status of arsenals was during the Cuban Missile Crisis: 

the Soviets had 36 ICBMs, 138 bombers ferrying 392 warheads, 72 SLBMs

the United States was armed with 203 ICBMs, 1,306 bombers with 3,104 warheads, and 144 SLBMs. 

USA 26,400 nuclear weapons,  Soviet Union 3300.

Noted psychopath General Curtis LeMay was correct in calling President Kennedy "a pussy", in that the US would have wiped the floor with the Soviets. Some 6300 megatons would have been used on the Soviet peoples, and the USSR would have ceased to exist in a little under two hours.

Conversely every city on the eastern seaboard, and as far west and north as Houston and Dallas through to Cincinnati would be smoking holes in the crust of the earth. The United States "would got their hair mussed" with 20 - 40 million dead. Pre fallout totals.

1 billion global dead post. 

In that universe, I am not writing this, and you are not reading this. Boo!

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  1. Well, probably all 3.5 billion based on radioactivity from Castle Bravo and Chernobyl. Barterder! Roentgens for everyone!