Monday, January 20, 2020

Thousands self-herd into Richmond Kill Zone

Today is Rally Day in Richmond Virginia.

I'm not a fan of senseless violence, and my typical consequential thought processes range from neurotic to paranoic to downright schizophrenic. Still, I wonder why no one has taken up the invitation offered by the participants of Rally Day to slaughter them in a hail of gunplay.

Why has no Stephen Paddock set up an arsenal on the 29th floor of the James Monroe building and gone all Las Vegas Strip on those well-regulated sheep bleating in a nice neat herd in front of the Capitol?

Oh, I get it, this is LE's recurring nightmare and they will do what they need to do.

Still, why doesn't some "patriot" bring on the Boogaloo by slaughtering a few martyrs to prime the race war pump? I understand how strategic thought is not common to trumpskulls, seeing as they can barely see beyond the end of their short little dicks, but still. You're telling me there is not one clear thinking rightie who followed the patterns of every assymetirc warfare expert of the past 20,000 years?

While I'm at it, has not a single veteran wondered if those vaccines they received in the military might just contain a sleeper virus ready to be activated should the Deep State consider them rogues?

Talk about triggered.

Tuesday, January 7, 2020

Easter Eggs of the Founding Fathers

I don't actually have any easter eggs I just liked that title.

Capitalism is Magic. That's pretty obvious.

historical revisionists tried to tie capitalism to the Enlightenment, Science and Reason, but it were coincidence. Capitalism is all about animal spirits, glamour, and charms. Today's social and mass media is spells and curses.

And in America, the story is the Wizard of Oz. The wizard is fake. The witches are real.

We woke up a 6000 year old mountain witch. Or rather Trump did.

I don't think Trump has a strategic bone in his body.

Or maybe he's like a whale, with vestigial leg bones floating in bloated blubber.

Little bone spurs of conscience.

Well, now. the Persians - who know us so much better than we them - now have a 40 year plan of fucking with the Trumps.

That's the show. Fucking With The Trumps.

The safest place to be in the world will be next to Donald Trump jr, a low priority target.

Also Trump is a fag. I have photoshopped evidence

Bridesmaid's Font

I apologize for saying fag, but no, I don't. It's not a gay thing. Gay people are gay. Trump is a fag.

He's just a faggy boy, 'cause he ain't got no soul power..