Friday, October 30, 2020

Travel The Spaceways From Planet To Planet

Drink makes me dizzy in cyberspace. I can't drink doing VR sculpting and that's good. 

Listening to Sun Ra and his Arkestra while VR sculpting, that's good.

Immediate Flow.

Weed is also encouraged but not required.

These science fiction imagists add "greeblies" for texture to make the object appear larger. I honestly find the task tiresome after a while, or maybe I should be more patient and not try and do it all in go, one session. 

That's not the way spaceships look. Real spaceships don't have pipes and parts sticking out other than the ones supposed to stick out. No greeblies on the Apollo Command Module.

Wednesday, October 28, 2020

Water On The Moon

In 1859, Edwin Drake drilled the first successful oil well near Titusville, PA. He drilled down 69 feet to hit oil. Nice!

It is said that had he drilled as little as six feet from the spot he chose, he would not have hit oil. He managed to find the tippy top of the oil deposit. He was almost out of money, so he would've had to stop, and either someone else would be the Edwin Drake of oil, or the oil industry may have been delayed by years or decades. Probably not.

It turns out Apollo 15 astronaut David Scott had the opposite luck of Edwin Drake while drilling core samples. They had problems with the lunar sample drill but eventually got a ten foot deep core sample. Had Astronaut Scott drilled as little as six feet away from the spot he chose, he would have run into an ice chimney of the ice glacier beneath them at Hadley, part of a vast sublunar network of mantle ice.

What impact on historical events would there have been if water on the Moon had been discovered 49 years earlier than today? Answer: not much.

Recall that the public attention and popular imagination had already soured on the Moon landings. The folks at NASA would have been clamoring for a permanent residence on the Moon after the 1971 water ice discovery, but no one else was interested. Not Congress. Certainly not Nixon. And so, the space program would have continued as it did. 

Or... in 2020 30 million people live on the Moon. Just like the fairy tales I was told on Star Trek and other space shows. 

The reason Baby Boomers are pissed is we were supposed to be Rocket Rangers. And instead we got Facebook.

Monday, October 26, 2020

War Fighting Space Drone

If Trump is reelected then you know either Jared or Barron is the Anti-Christ.

If I were writing a movie, Barron would be the son of a jackal mom, but in reality yeah it's Jared. Jared got the Damien Thorn AND Portrait of Dorian Grey thing going for him. I'm rooting for Jared.

Teenage Slumlord. 

He got the comb-over barely hiding the sixes on his scalp. 

He and goat daddy bought the 666 building and then sucked Qatari cock to clear the debt. This is sounding more and more Ghostbusters.

Which is why the Beast, DJT changed his digs to FLA.

We judge ourselves by our past pitiful enemies like the British Crown, the rebel Confederacy, Hitler, the Soviet Union. They're nothing compared to what awaits us.

So, if the Antichrist is for real, then we might as well be living in a simulation. Vive le Purge. Unscrew the head of anything that gets in your way because it doesn't matter. You're not real. Nihilism rules.

So here we have a one hour kitbash. Which means I did a 3D collage. 

I always figured a fighting space drone would be a tetrahedron. Engines are weapons and weapons engines. Tight center of gravity ready for any threat from any of six corners. Unmanned of course because raspberry jelly.

The fragile tubes and protuberances on the outside?

Either: don't care, first hit is the last hit, or

Some magical shielding.

Yeah, no magical shielding so, drone get taken out means lots of drones.

Lots of drones means soon you get machine-gun-bullets-at-Paschendale levels of drones.

Which means we are doomed. But you knew that.

Thursday, October 22, 2020

Consciousness as a mirror of the universe

My dad died when I was 26. Towards the end, he'd take naps. I would sneak in to check he was breathing. I found out my brothers did that as well. Dad had perhaps six minor heart attacks, and told no one. But you can't hide suffering. We knew things were fucked up. Plus, this is back in the Reagan Recession and no money is coming in, marginal money coming in.

It didn't help having an alcoholic drug addict living in his basement.

And then he dies and that is his last impression of me. A bum. A slob. A drunk.

The shame is not as sharp now as it was then, but it's still there.

Mom died on Dad's birthday.

Mom took up a career as a teacher.

I ended up being in her 4th grade class when she was a student teacher. Everyone laughed when I called her Mom instead of Mrs. Kurman.

Mom, getting her MA in Education, tested her kids with the Stanford Binet IQ test.

Of the 4 boys, Johnny was the dumb one, with a 154. I think I was ten years old when we took the test. Maybe 11.

I always wondered if Mom, in scoring the test, added points because we were such nice boys.

But no. Eric, the Smarter Older Brother of my Sherlock Holmes. is smart motherfucker.

I've wondered if their indulgence made me a slob. I have to dismiss this as I'm just a slob.

Had nothing to do with Mom or Dad at all. Maybe Uncle Ed? They say I am the psychic twin of him. But. Nah.

Dorky Uncle John. 


Weather nice. Nice weather, burn some leather.

I like the look of burned leather. I think that punched metal and flame and give you water color gradations of burning on leather, but since I am a slob, I won't pursue it too far. 

Unless you would like a laser tattoo leather goods, jackets. The trick is you don't laser the leather, you laser cut flame tolerant metal templates and place them on the leather and flame-o she goes with the propane torch. I need more control of patterns of dots.Then I can do any tattoo.

Dreaming in G code. 

Tuesday, October 20, 2020

Exquisite Corpse

In VR sculpting, I achieve exquisite corpse by building on different sculpt layers. In this case, 3 layers over the course of 40 minutes. 

Monday, October 19, 2020

Here Are My COVID Demands

 I really am bummed that my cultural burritos are spoiled by Nazi butt corn. What is otherwise a fun indigenous religion has been made no fun by Western civilization. And the mark makings of symbols are all first rate with the SS and the Odin rune. Really compact powerful graphics.

No wonder Hitler snagged them.

But there is also the subversive signal element added to the dominator's noise. You see it in folk art throughout Europe. Non-Roman Empire Europe. Northern Barbarian Indians against Greco-Roman Cowboys.

"Hey, you're not worshiping the Sun and the Moon are you?

"Nope, doing Jesus over here boss"

"That looks kind of Sun and Moon stuff to me. How much money you got?"

"Here you go. We're good"

The modern difference is Borg America will appropriate from everyone, therefore rendering subversive elements powerless.

This is why I have arranged for everyone to be exposed to a massive hallucinogen strike in the coming months or years. 600 million doses will be inhaled or ingested by every American man woman and child throghout the world.

What are my demands? A ten page tax code for starters. But also, a Spring Halloween. April 30th, the night before that commie May Day. Walpurgis Nacht in Europe. I want it to be Spring Halloween in America. I also want a 30 day advent calendar for both Halloween and Spring Halloween.

Whcih means a new scary lawn display for each day before Halloween and Sping Halloween. 

And not just Halloween and Spring Halloween, but all our holidays. Which means America is going to need more storage space for all their holiday shit, and that, dearie dears, wipes out the retail void apocalypse. 

Government subsidies, AKA transfer payments from the rich to the poor, will float all boats. Since reparations are preety much off the table, this is an acceptable slow solution to the income distribution network which will keep the deplorable poor from eating the despicable rich.

Friday, October 16, 2020

Fair is Fowl and Fowl is Fair

Funny how we are a microcosm, and the physicists' story of  heat death is aptly reflected as our own. Lives and friends and loves snuff out or move away, like the stars in an expanding universe. An increasingly lonely universe.

More proof that scale is invariant, that some ring of numbers are constant everywhere. Like the those infinity stones in the Marvel movies, maybe. If so then Penrose is right about cyclical creation and he owns the stones. A cyclical universe not necessarily infinite, but with very large cosmic number finitude.

Or not. Regardless, it suggests time travel without consequence. The Penrose diagram is for a Kerr blackhole turned into wormhole. This is more properly the Homer Simpson universe where the universes (labeled R1, R2..) are connected top to bottom, side to side making a toroid: a donut universe with the black hole as donut hole. The ring singularity is all singularities. Which, there you go, wormhole = time travel and probably by sticking a fork into a toaster as Homer Simpson did in a treatment of Ray Bradbury's "A Sound of Thunder". You know, the one where the time travelling hunter steps on a butterfly and screws up the future. 

But there's a suggestion that the universe is more robust due to entanglement. That a "wound" made in the past will heal in the present. Here's the egghead article, and the English translation:

To simulate time travel, we sent qubits through the computer gates in reverse order. The gates manipulate the qubits and represent time steps as well. Then we damaged information in this simulated past by measuring just one local qubit, while all the other qubits maintained their quantum correlations and remained entangled. After the damaging measurement, we ran our forward-in-time protocol and then measured the qubit’s state: it had returned to essentially the same state it had been in before backward evolution, plus some small background noise. Because the initial state of the whole system was strongly entangled in quantum correlations, the long complex evolution essentially recovered the information of the perturbed qubit.  To our surprise, we not only disproved the butterfly effect in a quantum system, but we also found a sort of no-butterfly effect, as if the system wants to protect the present.

So, if this holds, we have a whole new amusement park. I'm not the first to think of it. Robert Silverberg, who thought a lot about time travel, wrote a story where the protagonist was a time travel tour guide. He mentions how each time he takes a group to an event like the Cruci-fiction, the crowds get larger and louder. They are not worried about changing the past.

Which gets us to Wild Time Tours. Go back in time, do whatever you want. Tread on butterflies. Unscrew the heads of dinosaurs. Kill Hitler. Kill Jesus. Nuke the Holy Roman Empire. What's your fantasy? It doesn't matter anyway. And you get videotape.

I myself an part of the Famous Peoples Assassin Squad. I've killed Caesar, Hitler, Ghengis Khan, Stalin, Mao in the bathtub, Ronald Reagan and Jimmy Carter debating, you name it. The crowd reaction shots are the gravy. Does that make me a psychopath? Well, then it was Fate, weren't it?

Wednesday, October 14, 2020

Welcome To The Monkey House

 UFOs: real, then regardless of explanation, a rung up on the Kardashev scale than what we can do.

Therefore they are the people, and we are maybe the not-people. It comes down to that every time. 

Also, this is their planet. Not ours.

And we have thought of this planet as ours for how long. When did we promote ourselves to gods?

When did the Glorious Revolution occur? (It's always called that). When all of a sudden we are all lords and ladies if it please you instead of the primate slobs we all are? Before that it was a fun party. But then someone wanted to hog all the fun. That's when things went soup sandwich.

That's when you, me, come up with not-people. Then the fun is done.

Can not-people become people? Maybe that's what the UFOs are here to find out..

Monday, October 12, 2020

The Man from O.R.G.Y.

Mother Jones

What we know right now is that the despicable rich have won the caste war and it's daylight robbery. When financial scandals and the charlatans who love them are shrugged off, when Panama Papers of tax cheat and fraud is released and the only news afterwards is the journalist gets car bombed, then we are just fucking sheeple like they say.

The deplorable poors only recourse is violence and even that seems pointless. Your AR-15? My nerve gas. My engineered virus. 

What I get out of this article is that people are stupid. People are easily tricked. Most especially the ones that are smart, in both categories. 

Was Epstein a genius? No. More like Dillinger he had to fuck all the time. Was he murdered? Oh yeah. Is QAnon barking up the wrong tree? No, but it's a really big tree and they are on just the one side. 

Was he a spy? No. Was he an asset? I agree with the writer:

This urge to make Epstein’s power sophisticated and complex serves a similar purpose as the elites’ insistence on Epstein’s extraordinary genius–both are ways of squaring the evident smallness of the man himself with the vastness of the world he built and the seemingly outsized influence he possessed. Both of them betray a collective lack of imagination when it comes to just how ludicrously rewarded dumbasses can be in this country. Epstein didn’t have to be anything special to become a key player in an evil conspiracy. He had to be rich, and he had to be useful to people richer and more powerful than he was. The very real possibility is that Epstein was both a rich dumbass and a key player in an evil conspiracy, because evil conspiracies require nothing more.

Monday, October 5, 2020

October 1962 WWIII

 If you are wondering what the status of arsenals was during the Cuban Missile Crisis: 

the Soviets had 36 ICBMs, 138 bombers ferrying 392 warheads, 72 SLBMs

the United States was armed with 203 ICBMs, 1,306 bombers with 3,104 warheads, and 144 SLBMs. 

USA 26,400 nuclear weapons,  Soviet Union 3300.

Noted psychopath General Curtis LeMay was correct in calling President Kennedy "a pussy", in that the US would have wiped the floor with the Soviets. Some 6300 megatons would have been used on the Soviet peoples, and the USSR would have ceased to exist in a little under two hours.

Conversely every city on the eastern seaboard, and as far west and north as Houston and Dallas through to Cincinnati would be smoking holes in the crust of the earth. The United States "would got their hair mussed" with 20 - 40 million dead. Pre fallout totals.

1 billion global dead post. 

In that universe, I am not writing this, and you are not reading this. Boo!