Wednesday, October 14, 2020

Welcome To The Monkey House

 UFOs: real, then regardless of explanation, a rung up on the Kardashev scale than what we can do.

Therefore they are the people, and we are maybe the not-people. It comes down to that every time. 

Also, this is their planet. Not ours.

And we have thought of this planet as ours for how long. When did we promote ourselves to gods?

When did the Glorious Revolution occur? (It's always called that). When all of a sudden we are all lords and ladies if it please you instead of the primate slobs we all are? Before that it was a fun party. But then someone wanted to hog all the fun. That's when things went soup sandwich.

That's when you, me, come up with not-people. Then the fun is done.

Can not-people become people? Maybe that's what the UFOs are here to find out..

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