Monday, October 19, 2020

Here Are My COVID Demands

 I really am bummed that my cultural burritos are spoiled by Nazi butt corn. What is otherwise a fun indigenous religion has been made no fun by Western civilization. And the mark makings of symbols are all first rate with the SS and the Odin rune. Really compact powerful graphics.

No wonder Hitler snagged them.

But there is also the subversive signal element added to the dominator's noise. You see it in folk art throughout Europe. Non-Roman Empire Europe. Northern Barbarian Indians against Greco-Roman Cowboys.

"Hey, you're not worshiping the Sun and the Moon are you?

"Nope, doing Jesus over here boss"

"That looks kind of Sun and Moon stuff to me. How much money you got?"

"Here you go. We're good"

The modern difference is Borg America will appropriate from everyone, therefore rendering subversive elements powerless.

This is why I have arranged for everyone to be exposed to a massive hallucinogen strike in the coming months or years. 600 million doses will be inhaled or ingested by every American man woman and child throghout the world.

What are my demands? A ten page tax code for starters. But also, a Spring Halloween. April 30th, the night before that commie May Day. Walpurgis Nacht in Europe. I want it to be Spring Halloween in America. I also want a 30 day advent calendar for both Halloween and Spring Halloween.

Whcih means a new scary lawn display for each day before Halloween and Sping Halloween. 

And not just Halloween and Spring Halloween, but all our holidays. Which means America is going to need more storage space for all their holiday shit, and that, dearie dears, wipes out the retail void apocalypse. 

Government subsidies, AKA transfer payments from the rich to the poor, will float all boats. Since reparations are preety much off the table, this is an acceptable slow solution to the income distribution network which will keep the deplorable poor from eating the despicable rich.

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