Sunday, December 24, 2017


Let's say I decide to create something of value, a token. I set it up a fetish rule so that whatever this token is, there will a limited number of them. The idea being that scarcity will translate to value and I finally come up with a symbolic token.

I eat a ham sandwich. I then go through a series of rather strange gestures and motions.

Left index finger to nose, say, and right index finger to left elbow, hop on one leg in a circle. Do this enough times that I break a sweat, get tired, so to sleep, wake up, and take a shit.

I take that former ham sandwich, press and dry it, call it a token, and store it in a box which I decide to call a wallet.

Now I make another token. I decide on a new artificial rule that, not only do I limit the number of tokens, but I will make each ritualized performance harder and harder each time.

So, I eat some beef stew, with a nice loaf of multi grain bread and a hunk of cheese. And then I dance the strange dance, but I add further complications. And poop out another token.

And so on. Until finally my entire life savings and working hours are devoted to this practice. The table is groaning with a ludicrous repast. The dance is a mess of gyrations, capering, cavorting, frolics and prances. And I drop a small poo, press it, dry it. I've reached the number limit.

Other people are also dancing and pooping. At the end of that time, when the limit is reached, we all of us have these fine dried pressed turds.

Now we look for suckers.