Thursday, September 24, 2020

A Little Brown Cloud

SMERSH, the East German spy agency, kept the material remains of Hitler's bunker crowd until 1970. Yuri Andropov ordered the destruction of the remains and dump it in a river. Skulls, shin bones and such, were in a bad state of decay, but per orders, the bones were crushed with charcoal, burned in a gas kiln. The rucksack containing the ashes was taken to a river. The wind caught the ashes up into a little brown cloud and that was the last time anyone saw of Mr. and Mrs Hitler.

You might ask why it took so long to destroy the remains and the answer is the bodies were being used at a SMERSH base in Magdeburg to open demonic portals to other other times and spaces. Like Stargate but Doom. Soviet Doom. It's what gave the Soviet Union the first interstellar colony.

Luna Moy, a moon circling a gas giant around an F type star about 9.7 billion light years away, in the direction of the Pleiades, was officially called the Ark by the USSR. A mini-me USSR. And by 1969, when the mojo ran out on Hitler's skull, the Soviet Union had 370,000 colonists on Luna Moy.

Once the US found out about all this, they tried out all sorts of dead remains, starting with civil war generals, founding fathers, ol' Andy Jackson himself, all with poor results. Just not enough evil being generated for a subspace rift. And then they tried liberal skulls. Holy shit. If horsepower was hitlers, liberal skulls were* in the thousands of hitlers. The universe spread her legs wide for USA! USA! USA!

There are 300 stars on the US flag. 248 colony worlds spread throughout the Observable Universe, 192 billion light years across.

*Notice I said were because we burned through all our liberals. They are all dead. We tried to not kill them all, but, now we are burning through moderates.

Wednesday, September 23, 2020

Somewhere Else Entirely

It really is sad that my culture, my tradition, has been polluted by white supremacy and Western Civilization. In some ways, we Northern Barbarians were enslaved to Christ as surely as the Lakota had their land stolen one thousand years later. 

I often wonder if Thor rather than Jesus was the successful Iron Age god maybe we'd be a little happier? Or at least the world a little less killed off?

Because, my Nordic pantheon? If I were religious? Is a pantheon that gets old without eating golden apples, farts in bed, cross-dresses, gets fooled a lot, gets frightened but tries not to show it. All too human. Not batshit sociopaths life the Greek and Roman pantheon.

I'm realizing I am the 20th century version of the son of Odin and Jörd*. So, of course I'm Thor. If I complete the psychosis, I am, and I am considering it. The psychosis.

What would be the consequences? Well, Uncle Thor is available for blessings. Like for example, baptisms and namings. I hover my hammer over your little baby's skull and grant them good gravity and the protection of my Mom. Odin? Loki? You pray to them for gaming gambling and battles. Thor? He's kind of the Farmers insurance guy. I'll even dress the part for extra. 

But that's not what I want to talk about.

I'm a science news guy, because that's the news that is actually news. Science news is not popular news, so this gem about the Air Force developing a 6th Generation fighter system in under a year. Not fighter, fighter system, with drones interchangeable with fighters. Let me remind you the F-35 has US taxpayers with one trillion dollars on the table. And the Air Force goes next level for a millionth the cost. WTF?

The closest historical parallel is the North American P-51, developed and in production in only four months. Granted, special circumstances. The Brits commissioned North American Aviation to produce a version of their P-40. North American had NACA data for laminar flow wings and lofted conic sections fuselage.The Brits provided the blessed historical records (flight recordings) of the P-40, provided the Rolls Royce Merlin engine. The first Mechanical Dragon was born.

So, aerospace CEO's are ignoring this and at our peril. We are becoming a fat land animal like Russia or China, instead of remaining the shark in the world-soon-to-be solar ocean. 

ITEM: Largest budget on R&D? China.

Thank goodness the USA is still an attractive place for immigrants and aliens. Thank goodness the USA has still some of the best schools. Thank goodness we welcome all with open arms.

ITEM: In 1940 the German Luftwaffe was about 3000 planes. By 1944 the USA was producing one Luftwaffe every 11 days.

China has shipyard capacity to challenge the USA in the western Pacific and recoup their losses faster. (Unless we start nuking).

People say so what? We lose the western Pacific. Dude, you lose Earth Ocean dominance and why would you do that What's the point of Space Force without a base to go back to?

At this point it's undeniable we end up under authoritarian dictatorship. I want a nimble American dictatorship, not a plodding Chinese dictatorship, but conservatives are sitting on the couch, beating off too hard to 1954, to get it.

America must go Viking if it is to survive. That means No More Nepotism.

Monday, September 21, 2020

Biden Our Time

Who do you want as President? Which doddering old man's finger do you want on the big red nuclear button? (Wow, no triggering there. Ha. Meta).

After Cheney made it canon, the VP job is the CEO. The presidency is chairman. Obama got silverback Joe, who knew all the levers and switches of power. Trump has... Pence?  Or the shadows on the ceiling that command him.

Item: the year 1954 was probably the Monkey Singularity. You look back, first nuclear powered submarine, first H-bomb test, the original Oscar Meyer hot dog car, Dien Bien Phu defeat of the French by General Giap who would go on to kick the fat asses of Americans... but most important, April 11, 1954 is marked as the Most Boring Day in History, meaning that's when we all got converted into a million digital death simulations and the Earth was reshaped as a...?

Biden or Trump, we're doomed*. It is then a question of when. My guess is Trump wins. Because the Fermi Paradox. But also, we know what to expect of Team Trump, vicious brutality marked by low brow, short dick thinking and venal incompetence in service of the elites. So Humanity extinct in 2032.

Or the Jetsons Apocalypse 2065, with the 1% in Sky City and us Flintstone mutants on the ground, wiping our asses with leaves and grasses.

If we get Biden, we get the different-kind-of-vicious liberal team in service of the elites. Kamala Harris, whip smart brilliant, ballsy, vivacious, bitch-vicious and I remind you not clever by half, probably is the Caesar We Need But Won't Get. She gets us to 2082, and then your'e on your own.

Liberals, perhaps unbeknownst to Pooh and his cork popgun crowd, are starting to get worked up into a marxist frenzy as advertised. 

(*For all my talk of  doom, I've kind of fetished bodily maintenance these past seven months. 63 years old. BP of 118/72, resting pulse 54. Lost ten pounds instead of the gaining the Covid 15. So duh I'm an optimist).

I seriously believe that at that meeting in Helsinki, that infamous day July 16 2018 when... 

Helsinki. Interior, flourescent room, single table with linen cloth, silver serving plate upon it. DONALD TRUMP is seated, VLADIMIR PUTIN and two INTERPRETERS standing.

VLADIMIR PUTIN, places napkin on one arm and lifts the silver lid with a flourish, murmurs to his INTERPRETER.

INTERPRETER: "He says you have to eat it"

There is a soft serve swirl of dog shit on the plate. The smell fills the room that even PUTIN flinches back a little.


VLADIMIR PUTIN: "Bon appetit" (smirks)

TRUMP hesitates, then grabs a spoon and starts in on the turd. Gagging, he forces each spoonful quickly down without chewing.

VLADIMIR PUTIN: "Oh my God dude I can't believe you did that!" (towards INTERPRETER) "are we getting all of this?"


VLADIMIR PUTIN: "Don't you dare puke that up. I think we are ready for the press now."

And Trump is once again, as on so many occasions, in his Helsunken Place. Neo-feudalism? How about we get through feudalism first?

Whatever is going the fuck on right now, and I can tell you it is not what you think is the fuck going on, there are a lot of shadows on a lot of ceilings.

Thursday, September 17, 2020

I Am Your Uncle Thor

 They dug up viking graves and sampled DNA and lo and behold, people from all over World Island. Only a matter of time before they find African vikings. My bet is there are Idris Elba african viking graves in my home town in Norway. The David's Hill side. The Neanderthals.

It was a wildly empirical profession so why not? The archaeologists found SE Europe, Asian, and Pictish corpses in viking graves. Well, pirate is a great meritocracy so...

as your Uncle Thor, I strongly advise reconsidering going a-viking.

I mean, it's not a life at all. It's a job. 

And you don't look up to the job. Noffense kid, but nah.

Item: Western Civilization predates White People.

White people, the blue eyes and blonde, was invented only six thousand years ago

And Jericho? sites in Turkey, Iraq, Iran go back at least 12,000 years.

This is not to say there weren't light complected people around before Western Civilization. At least three adaptations have evolved for less melanin. Perhaps four. But the Alt-male alt-right whyte grievance committee would have you believe that Aryan blondes are inherently superior producers of Western Civilization, and it just ain't so. but you knew that.

Despite the fact I Majored In Weed at Indiana University, I also got a degree in mathematics. And that particular intellectual  tool belt I was good at helping recognizing different problems as the same problem.

Darwin's theory, fittest for that environment 

A well regulated militia, being necessary foe the security etc.

You get the idea. I talked of Robert Mercer. Interesting cat. But honestly I would rather pile driver his hot milf middle age daughter Rebekah with her baby beluga forehead.

I don't know why. My animal brain wants to do her what can I say? 

Anyway, Robert made his monies on arbitrage.He was there before anyone else. Like gold mining in New Guinea. Or North Sea oil. Except in cyberspace. A whole new place. To make monies. 

Being in the spectrum, I know the feeling.

Wednesday, September 16, 2020

Caste War or Caste Spells?

There are the three tines to a fork. Force, fraud, and feedback.

Feedback is the most interesting one because it is remediated. Just like a brain, incoming data is fed raw and also processed (another fork). This is the brain's solution to the Man in the Middle attack, not perfect, but, no static solution is.

I would expect nothing less from a survival machine like the brain. We keep forgetting that, and maybe because the brain is embodied and ensorcelled by other bodies and brains, we think we are this nice pleasant person when instead we are a survival monster. Period. No other descriptions suffice.

Rubber, meet road. Road? Rubber. 

Take dick size as an example. It's genetic, but not a patrimonial line. I was shocked to hear my aged mother's Penthouse Letters about my dad's enormous cock. Or for that matter, her friend's complaint on she didn't know where her sons "got their big dicks from" as it sure wasn't from her husband. 

(Wow I can't wait to be old and uninhibited like a baby again. Problem is that blessing comes with the curse of physical infantilism).

Point being, look at dick size from force and fraud. If you got a big dick, force is your tine. If not, fraud is the answer.

Let's talk about Robert Mercer. He was in the news after the Trump victory. Bankroller of Breitbart and Steve Bannon. Big time libertarian billionaire guy where your wealth is your worth. This big dick guy is using force, fraud, and feedback. He is not donating to Trump this cycle because he (not just him) got what he paid for. Things got broken, and broken just enough.

Fuck Trump. Trump is, as Steve Bannon said, "a blunt instrument". And Mercer and his hot middle aged daughter Rebekah, smart as they are, are smart enough to realize they ain't ALL that smart, and get out of the poker game with their winnings.

Four years ago, I wrote that the Titanic had sunk. That we were all in the lifeboats now. That I myself should, according to past me, have evolved into a gill man, hands hammered flat by the life boat people. 

But instead, the Titanic has been transformed into a superyacht for the likes of the 1%. In classic irony these Eloi find themselves in need of Morlocks on the lower decks (at least until the Jetson's cleaning robots are built).

Importantly, the caste spell is the illusion that the Titanic sunk. It is the middle class that manned the life boats. The Titanic did not sink. It was grievously hulled, listing hard to starboard, but the people below decks are keeping us afloat.

God fucking dammit. All those beautiful people working shit jobs makes me weep. 

Monday, September 14, 2020

The Fifth Chinese Brother

You know the Five Chinese Brothers? Me and my brothers are them.

(Not the Five Chinese Brothers children's book from Seinfeld with the wee-wees and pee-pees drawn on them)

My brother Eric, the oldest Brother Who Can Swallow The Sea 

Yours truly, Johnny, is the Brother With The Iron Neck

Jim, Jimmy, James is the Brother Who Can Stretch And Stretch And Stretch His Legs

Christopher the Brother Who Can Hold His Breath Forever

the fourth Chinese brother is Chris's idiot friend Craig the Brother Who Can Survive Being Burned

which works out because Craig is older than Chris and that makes Chris the fifth Chinese brother. 

From a Nordic mythology Craig is Mister Saturday Night as anyone can survive being burned on that night, which makes Craig a Roman Time Family Friend. As it should be. But n Nordic mythology everything comes across as family feud, rivalries between white trash cousins which it is, gods and giants fucking each other like crazy and producing amazingly powerful children. 

Here's a weird interlude. In high school I took a photography class. I read an article about face symmetry and beauty. I took full face photos of  people and flipped and double exposed the negatives to make mirror right and left handed faces. Sure enough, handedness was masculine and feminine. If you were right handed, your left mirror face had softer features. Your right mirror face looked like a cave man.

I did the two mirror photos of me. Right hand me was a babe. I would have done right hand me.

Probably not now.

If the Kurman Brothers are a force,
and they are
then with Malice Towards None
unless otherwise else

Thursday, September 10, 2020

The Knee or the Ankle of the S Curve

What happened in Q2 1972?

Wages become unhitched from productivity. What happened? Nixon's gold shock? The increase of capital's share of the national income? The 1973 oil crisis? (But that happened in October 1973).

My theory? Algorithms. Westworld Season Three. The Jetsons was prophetic. We all work for Uniblab

That Monkey Singularity corporate borganism enhanced with the systems and computers we have after WWII? The collectives, the societies, predated the Great Acceleration, but now we (they) are superpowered, soon to be hyperpowered. That was where We capital W We appeared from this and become-

There is no They. There is no them anymore. That scares you but We are there.

"Hi. Agent of We here. Meaning you also an Agent of We"
"Cool! What's our assignment?"
"We'll talk about that later, For now, I would like you to just carry on as before.
"It's really sad when the status quo is chaos and bad governance, but OK"

Look at that 1955-64 blip where wages outpace productivity. What was that? I don't know. Computers aren't spit without communication, and that decade's when the satellites went up. But how would that effect Cannery Joe on the assembly line? There is a disconnect in 1954, and perhaps this was a union immune response to our eventual robot overlords and their human proxies.

I've spoken of my psychosis that the world ended on or around March 23, 1978 and we are all Hungry Ghosts clinging to an illusion of  life. I find out that there is an economist who agrees with me, although she chooses 1979. And hers is a metaphorical Ragnarok. No matter.

I contend the Apex of Western Civilization was in 1926 at the lunch counter of Walgreen's in downtown Chicago. That was where the Triple Divine Convergence of Cheeseburger, French Fries and Chocolate Shake came together. True, all components existed prior to 1926, but my research indicates their combined powers were first made manifest in 1926 Chicago. 

The 1920s is quite rightly called the beginning of the Modern Era. Especially in electrification and household appliances. Electric robot helpers that made life easier. The blender, for example. One had to shake a milkshake prior to frappes. We had a nice copper drink shaker in which I made some stupendously badass shakes and malts. But if  you can blend a shake with a mechanical friend, a robot electric blender that turns on and off at your whim, why not? That was important. 
Irony. Or poetry. Potatoes, chocolate and tomatoes are all from the Western Hemisphere. Without the Columbian Exchange, Western Civilization, might not that be that great. (Assuming it is). 

Without globalism, We could not have produced do fries come with that shake.

Wednesday, September 9, 2020

Tuesday, September 8, 2020

Zombie Conspiracies

 This really should be a category on the TVtropes website. I'm starting to think there might actually be something to memetics given how some of the dumbest things get stuck in people's minds. It's more than Dawkin's simpleton mem hypothesis, it moves into Madness of Crowds territory which is much more interesting. Fittest for that meatspace environment type of stuff.

My analogy would be Dawkin's supposes UFOs are aliens, which it turns out UFOs are much, much more interesting real phenomena. Very much more interesting than just little green men flying around in pie plates and cigars.

So, zombie conspiracies: QAnon.

Here we have a classic vile Anti-Semitic narrative dressed up in modern dumbass coveralls. Substitute Democrats or Hollywood elites for Jews and this is all Protocols of the Elders of Zion shit. Satanic (not Christian) pedophile cannibals. What is this a reaction to? I'm going with White Grievance and that's it. That's all she wrote. Taht's all you need.

There is, of course, envy. All of these MAGAs actually wished they had the power to rape and eat babies if only they could. But they know they will go to jail. So they suffer in Silent Majority and watch all those cool people having fun.

And honestly, if you go by appearances alone, all the religious leaders, evangelicals, right wing politicians and personalities are all of them just one of two pool boys or baby sandwiches away from winning QAnon Bingo.

Seriously, look at Jerry Fallwell Jr. (or any pervy religious TV character before him), Matt Gaetz and his "adopted" Cuban son, Trump or any of his spawn, or Ted Cruz, who we all know is the Zodiac killer,etc.. QAnon done look like it pooched up the scent and is barking up the wrong tree.

Baby raping is nothing new to rural whites. Why, there you are, stuck out in nowhere with nothing to do, it's only natural you get to working on anything with a hole once you're liquored up and bored. Bestiality, pederasty, plain old good natured rape.

You could argue that corn liquor and cornholing Made America Great, or at least a way to pass the time.

 And it's not like fear of Banjo Boy progeny is any inhibitor to the activity. If you can get your inbred monster babies to work the farm and pop out more spawn, what's the harm? For that matter, cornholing has a long history in Western Civilization of being a manly art.

Take the Romans, who only thought you unmanly if you yourself were penetrated. Nothing wrong if with fucking girls and boys, and, yes, babies. They got a hole don't they?

And the cannibal part? Why, it really is disturbing how common cannibalism is in human culture. 

That leaves only the religious part which is just any manufacture for the other. Pick a label. Any label.

So, yeah, of course The cult is envious. If you weren't invited to the Kool Kids Party, how would you feel?

Wednesday, September 2, 2020

Reality Has Become Too Stupid to Fact Check

---OR --- 

If You Are Going to Stir the Shit, You Better Be Ready to Lick the Spoon

The thing about the Apocalypse, or a dietary substitute, is that one cannot imagine it unless one survives it. This is, of course, stupid. You will not survive it.

Therefore all your planning, all your Prepping, was a waste of time. (And I have said before that the Prepper problem is the same as the Colonizer problem, one is of time, the other of space. But that's not what I want to talk about).

I realize I am not the kind of stupendous badass that survives. I own no guns. (I used to, a LOT of them, but no longer, and we don't have time for that story). Guns are irrelevant. I am not martially trained. Again irrelevant, anyone down to 8-year-olds can be battle hardened in 2 weeks. I have courage, because I have actually headed for danger, have put myself in harm's way. Rather than, or unlike our poor juvenile delinquent  Kyle Rittenhouse, I have walked the walk instead of talking the talk. And that is not hero bragging. That is no choice in but doing. That stupid primate instinct to help. If that's courage. It's courage for me. because I have been a coward. I have run away. My brain will remind of this when I wake up at 3am and it says "Hey let's go through ALL your humiliations one more time! It's courage because, having been a coward, is was not. All it takes is once to realize you have courage.

So, why is Johnny not going to survive the Apocalypse, and therefore cannot imagine it?

Well, run the numbers, quite simply. Johnny will run out of luck, even if he was a stupendous badass, and he will buy the farm. Simple as that.

Here's Killer Kyle (not to be confused with Killer Kyle the wrestler from the 80's) with his newest pudge bud, Ryan Balk of West Bend. Ryan is part of the alt-male Boogaloo Bois and is a big big fan of white supremacy and the brave little twinks Richard Spenser, and Miss TV Dinner Heiress Tucker Carlson. (BTW Ryan served in Iraq and Afghanistan so he got his #BPA beat twice).

I have mentioned in earlier posts that there is something very FEY, something very FAGGY about the white supremacist movement and here is still more evidence. These guys are redpilling, and that is the red estrogen pill, as opposed to the blue boner pill. 

So, if I'm not gonna make it, these guys sure as hell won't make it. And that's even before I apply the numbers.

Who is going to make it? Do you care

? Look at any dehumanizing situation, you know who makes it. 

The scumbags. And the more elite, the more scumbaggy. Elite panic is well documented. The best solution was provided by George Carlin, where you put all the rich people in a stadium, load them up on speed and coke and acid and liquor and PCP, and you give them unlimited weapons. The last one standing you pin a medal on and shoot them in the fucking head. Rinse. Repeat annually.

Because us regular folks? We know how to work just fine with AI algorithms started running business. 1973  was the start. That was when we officially became biorobots. 

So, fellow biorobot. Do you feel lucky? Are you ready for blood? Are you ready for radiation sickness? Are you ready for a Hobbseian war of all on all? Forget the cults. You are just a skin cell to be scraped off to them.

I have no desire to return to an 1830s lifestyle. Do you?

Anyway, Johnny is so 20th century stuck in the future. I try to be hip. I work the VR sculpt thing when I can. Here's an attempt at retro scifi. No penis rocket. Ovum sphere. This is, of course, Uranus. Seen from Titania.