Thursday, September 17, 2020

I Am Your Uncle Thor

 They dug up viking graves and sampled DNA and lo and behold, people from all over World Island. Only a matter of time before they find African vikings. My bet is there are Idris Elba african viking graves in my home town in Norway. The David's Hill side. The Neanderthals.

It was a wildly empirical profession so why not? The archaeologists found SE Europe, Asian, and Pictish corpses in viking graves. Well, pirate is a great meritocracy so...

as your Uncle Thor, I strongly advise reconsidering going a-viking.

I mean, it's not a life at all. It's a job. 

And you don't look up to the job. Noffense kid, but nah.

Item: Western Civilization predates White People.

White people, the blue eyes and blonde, was invented only six thousand years ago

And Jericho? sites in Turkey, Iraq, Iran go back at least 12,000 years.

This is not to say there weren't light complected people around before Western Civilization. At least three adaptations have evolved for less melanin. Perhaps four. But the Alt-male alt-right whyte grievance committee would have you believe that Aryan blondes are inherently superior producers of Western Civilization, and it just ain't so. but you knew that.

Despite the fact I Majored In Weed at Indiana University, I also got a degree in mathematics. And that particular intellectual  tool belt I was good at helping recognizing different problems as the same problem.

Darwin's theory, fittest for that environment 

A well regulated militia, being necessary foe the security etc.

You get the idea. I talked of Robert Mercer. Interesting cat. But honestly I would rather pile driver his hot milf middle age daughter Rebekah with her baby beluga forehead.

I don't know why. My animal brain wants to do her what can I say? 

Anyway, Robert made his monies on arbitrage.He was there before anyone else. Like gold mining in New Guinea. Or North Sea oil. Except in cyberspace. A whole new place. To make monies. 

Being in the spectrum, I know the feeling.

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