Wednesday, September 23, 2020

Somewhere Else Entirely

It really is sad that my culture, my tradition, has been polluted by white supremacy and Western Civilization. In some ways, we Northern Barbarians were enslaved to Christ as surely as the Lakota had their land stolen one thousand years later. 

I often wonder if Thor rather than Jesus was the successful Iron Age god maybe we'd be a little happier? Or at least the world a little less killed off?

Because, my Nordic pantheon? If I were religious? Is a pantheon that gets old without eating golden apples, farts in bed, cross-dresses, gets fooled a lot, gets frightened but tries not to show it. All too human. Not batshit sociopaths life the Greek and Roman pantheon.

I'm realizing I am the 20th century version of the son of Odin and Jörd*. So, of course I'm Thor. If I complete the psychosis, I am, and I am considering it. The psychosis.

What would be the consequences? Well, Uncle Thor is available for blessings. Like for example, baptisms and namings. I hover my hammer over your little baby's skull and grant them good gravity and the protection of my Mom. Odin? Loki? You pray to them for gaming gambling and battles. Thor? He's kind of the Farmers insurance guy. I'll even dress the part for extra. 

But that's not what I want to talk about.

I'm a science news guy, because that's the news that is actually news. Science news is not popular news, so this gem about the Air Force developing a 6th Generation fighter system in under a year. Not fighter, fighter system, with drones interchangeable with fighters. Let me remind you the F-35 has US taxpayers with one trillion dollars on the table. And the Air Force goes next level for a millionth the cost. WTF?

The closest historical parallel is the North American P-51, developed and in production in only four months. Granted, special circumstances. The Brits commissioned North American Aviation to produce a version of their P-40. North American had NACA data for laminar flow wings and lofted conic sections fuselage.The Brits provided the blessed historical records (flight recordings) of the P-40, provided the Rolls Royce Merlin engine. The first Mechanical Dragon was born.

So, aerospace CEO's are ignoring this and at our peril. We are becoming a fat land animal like Russia or China, instead of remaining the shark in the world-soon-to-be solar ocean. 

ITEM: Largest budget on R&D? China.

Thank goodness the USA is still an attractive place for immigrants and aliens. Thank goodness the USA has still some of the best schools. Thank goodness we welcome all with open arms.

ITEM: In 1940 the German Luftwaffe was about 3000 planes. By 1944 the USA was producing one Luftwaffe every 11 days.

China has shipyard capacity to challenge the USA in the western Pacific and recoup their losses faster. (Unless we start nuking).

People say so what? We lose the western Pacific. Dude, you lose Earth Ocean dominance and why would you do that What's the point of Space Force without a base to go back to?

At this point it's undeniable we end up under authoritarian dictatorship. I want a nimble American dictatorship, not a plodding Chinese dictatorship, but conservatives are sitting on the couch, beating off too hard to 1954, to get it.

America must go Viking if it is to survive. That means No More Nepotism.

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  1. *Jörd the giantess Earth. Odin the Sky God and Sky and Earth (or Sky and Ocean) fucking and making all sorts of creatures.