Wednesday, September 16, 2020

Caste War or Caste Spells?

There are the three tines to a fork. Force, fraud, and feedback.

Feedback is the most interesting one because it is remediated. Just like a brain, incoming data is fed raw and also processed (another fork). This is the brain's solution to the Man in the Middle attack, not perfect, but, no static solution is.

I would expect nothing less from a survival machine like the brain. We keep forgetting that, and maybe because the brain is embodied and ensorcelled by other bodies and brains, we think we are this nice pleasant person when instead we are a survival monster. Period. No other descriptions suffice.

Rubber, meet road. Road? Rubber. 

Take dick size as an example. It's genetic, but not a patrimonial line. I was shocked to hear my aged mother's Penthouse Letters about my dad's enormous cock. Or for that matter, her friend's complaint on she didn't know where her sons "got their big dicks from" as it sure wasn't from her husband. 

(Wow I can't wait to be old and uninhibited like a baby again. Problem is that blessing comes with the curse of physical infantilism).

Point being, look at dick size from force and fraud. If you got a big dick, force is your tine. If not, fraud is the answer.

Let's talk about Robert Mercer. He was in the news after the Trump victory. Bankroller of Breitbart and Steve Bannon. Big time libertarian billionaire guy where your wealth is your worth. This big dick guy is using force, fraud, and feedback. He is not donating to Trump this cycle because he (not just him) got what he paid for. Things got broken, and broken just enough.

Fuck Trump. Trump is, as Steve Bannon said, "a blunt instrument". And Mercer and his hot middle aged daughter Rebekah, smart as they are, are smart enough to realize they ain't ALL that smart, and get out of the poker game with their winnings.

Four years ago, I wrote that the Titanic had sunk. That we were all in the lifeboats now. That I myself should, according to past me, have evolved into a gill man, hands hammered flat by the life boat people. 

But instead, the Titanic has been transformed into a superyacht for the likes of the 1%. In classic irony these Eloi find themselves in need of Morlocks on the lower decks (at least until the Jetson's cleaning robots are built).

Importantly, the caste spell is the illusion that the Titanic sunk. It is the middle class that manned the life boats. The Titanic did not sink. It was grievously hulled, listing hard to starboard, but the people below decks are keeping us afloat.

God fucking dammit. All those beautiful people working shit jobs makes me weep. 


  1. The Jetsons cleaning robots. They got into so much shit. Being a general intelligence AI thinking at least 1000 times as fast as George Jetson, let's you get away with a lot of shit

  2. There could be a TV series, the juvenile delinquent behavior of Jetsons cleaning robots.