Thursday, September 10, 2020

The Knee or the Ankle of the S Curve

What happened in Q2 1972?

Wages become unhitched from productivity. What happened? Nixon's gold shock? The increase of capital's share of the national income? The 1973 oil crisis? (But that happened in October 1973).

My theory? Algorithms. Westworld Season Three. The Jetsons was prophetic. We all work for Uniblab

That Monkey Singularity corporate borganism enhanced with the systems and computers we have after WWII? The collectives, the societies, predated the Great Acceleration, but now we (they) are superpowered, soon to be hyperpowered. That was where We capital W We appeared from this and become-

There is no They. There is no them anymore. That scares you but We are there.

"Hi. Agent of We here. Meaning you also an Agent of We"
"Cool! What's our assignment?"
"We'll talk about that later, For now, I would like you to just carry on as before.
"It's really sad when the status quo is chaos and bad governance, but OK"

Look at that 1955-64 blip where wages outpace productivity. What was that? I don't know. Computers aren't spit without communication, and that decade's when the satellites went up. But how would that effect Cannery Joe on the assembly line? There is a disconnect in 1954, and perhaps this was a union immune response to our eventual robot overlords and their human proxies.

I've spoken of my psychosis that the world ended on or around March 23, 1978 and we are all Hungry Ghosts clinging to an illusion of  life. I find out that there is an economist who agrees with me, although she chooses 1979. And hers is a metaphorical Ragnarok. No matter.

I contend the Apex of Western Civilization was in 1926 at the lunch counter of Walgreen's in downtown Chicago. That was where the Triple Divine Convergence of Cheeseburger, French Fries and Chocolate Shake came together. True, all components existed prior to 1926, but my research indicates their combined powers were first made manifest in 1926 Chicago. 

The 1920s is quite rightly called the beginning of the Modern Era. Especially in electrification and household appliances. Electric robot helpers that made life easier. The blender, for example. One had to shake a milkshake prior to frappes. We had a nice copper drink shaker in which I made some stupendously badass shakes and malts. But if  you can blend a shake with a mechanical friend, a robot electric blender that turns on and off at your whim, why not? That was important. 
Irony. Or poetry. Potatoes, chocolate and tomatoes are all from the Western Hemisphere. Without the Columbian Exchange, Western Civilization, might not that be that great. (Assuming it is). 

Without globalism, We could not have produced do fries come with that shake.


  1. Too many economists have been reluctant to take the most obvious cause of inequality seriously: that businesses-owners and the wealthy conducted a very successful class war against workers, particularly organized labor whose negotiations provided an anchor for both other blue collar and white collar wages and working conditions.

    1. Institutional pandering to the 1%

    2. Not class war, caste spells. The two tines of the fork are force and fraud.

    3. Now that the panicdemic fraud jig is just about up, and with it the economic Great Reset aimed at further impoverishment and a Monopoly-endgame style big squeeze, I think we're about to see exactly how much vicious force these ass-clowns are willing and able to bring to bear.

  2. Puffed up by the success of that program, the same motherfuckers continued their parasitic extractive program with a phase 2 targeting knowledge-workers.

  3. Foundational to all of the above was the original replacement negroe program. Economically, you don't get to today's hollowed-out America where No Lives Matter without going through the demographic and international goldrush spawned by "immigration reform" in the wake of the civil rights act. (In response to the civil rights act. "Oh, you negroes want civil rights and full standing under law? Then we'll replace your uppity asses with properly humble and grateful foreign peasants, no chips on their shoulder, eager to grind and coon both here in the U.S. and back home in service to our foreign parasitic extraction aims, as well)

  4. Neoliberal icon and degenerate serial rapist slick Willie had the audacity to highlight the preferability of diminutive, lisping, sell-out coons over black political leadership that retained the bass in its voice.