Tuesday, September 8, 2020

Zombie Conspiracies

 This really should be a category on the TVtropes website. I'm starting to think there might actually be something to memetics given how some of the dumbest things get stuck in people's minds. It's more than Dawkin's simpleton mem hypothesis, it moves into Madness of Crowds territory which is much more interesting. Fittest for that meatspace environment type of stuff.

My analogy would be Dawkin's supposes UFOs are aliens, which it turns out UFOs are much, much more interesting real phenomena. Very much more interesting than just little green men flying around in pie plates and cigars.

So, zombie conspiracies: QAnon.

Here we have a classic vile Anti-Semitic narrative dressed up in modern dumbass coveralls. Substitute Democrats or Hollywood elites for Jews and this is all Protocols of the Elders of Zion shit. Satanic (not Christian) pedophile cannibals. What is this a reaction to? I'm going with White Grievance and that's it. That's all she wrote. Taht's all you need.

There is, of course, envy. All of these MAGAs actually wished they had the power to rape and eat babies if only they could. But they know they will go to jail. So they suffer in Silent Majority and watch all those cool people having fun.

And honestly, if you go by appearances alone, all the religious leaders, evangelicals, right wing politicians and personalities are all of them just one of two pool boys or baby sandwiches away from winning QAnon Bingo.

Seriously, look at Jerry Fallwell Jr. (or any pervy religious TV character before him), Matt Gaetz and his "adopted" Cuban son, Trump or any of his spawn, or Ted Cruz, who we all know is the Zodiac killer,etc.. QAnon done look like it pooched up the scent and is barking up the wrong tree.

Baby raping is nothing new to rural whites. Why, there you are, stuck out in nowhere with nothing to do, it's only natural you get to working on anything with a hole once you're liquored up and bored. Bestiality, pederasty, plain old good natured rape.

You could argue that corn liquor and cornholing Made America Great, or at least a way to pass the time.

 And it's not like fear of Banjo Boy progeny is any inhibitor to the activity. If you can get your inbred monster babies to work the farm and pop out more spawn, what's the harm? For that matter, cornholing has a long history in Western Civilization of being a manly art.

Take the Romans, who only thought you unmanly if you yourself were penetrated. Nothing wrong if with fucking girls and boys, and, yes, babies. They got a hole don't they?

And the cannibal part? Why, it really is disturbing how common cannibalism is in human culture. 

That leaves only the religious part which is just any manufacture for the other. Pick a label. Any label.

So, yeah, of course The cult is envious. If you weren't invited to the Kool Kids Party, how would you feel?

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