Wednesday, September 2, 2020

Reality Has Become Too Stupid to Fact Check

---OR --- 

If You Are Going to Stir the Shit, You Better Be Ready to Lick the Spoon

The thing about the Apocalypse, or a dietary substitute, is that one cannot imagine it unless one survives it. This is, of course, stupid. You will not survive it.

Therefore all your planning, all your Prepping, was a waste of time. (And I have said before that the Prepper problem is the same as the Colonizer problem, one is of time, the other of space. But that's not what I want to talk about).

I realize I am not the kind of stupendous badass that survives. I own no guns. (I used to, a LOT of them, but no longer, and we don't have time for that story). Guns are irrelevant. I am not martially trained. Again irrelevant, anyone down to 8-year-olds can be battle hardened in 2 weeks. I have courage, because I have actually headed for danger, have put myself in harm's way. Rather than, or unlike our poor juvenile delinquent  Kyle Rittenhouse, I have walked the walk instead of talking the talk. And that is not hero bragging. That is no choice in but doing. That stupid primate instinct to help. If that's courage. It's courage for me. because I have been a coward. I have run away. My brain will remind of this when I wake up at 3am and it says "Hey let's go through ALL your humiliations one more time! It's courage because, having been a coward, is was not. All it takes is once to realize you have courage.

So, why is Johnny not going to survive the Apocalypse, and therefore cannot imagine it?

Well, run the numbers, quite simply. Johnny will run out of luck, even if he was a stupendous badass, and he will buy the farm. Simple as that.

Here's Killer Kyle (not to be confused with Killer Kyle the wrestler from the 80's) with his newest pudge bud, Ryan Balk of West Bend. Ryan is part of the alt-male Boogaloo Bois and is a big big fan of white supremacy and the brave little twinks Richard Spenser, and Miss TV Dinner Heiress Tucker Carlson. (BTW Ryan served in Iraq and Afghanistan so he got his #BPA beat twice).

I have mentioned in earlier posts that there is something very FEY, something very FAGGY about the white supremacist movement and here is still more evidence. These guys are redpilling, and that is the red estrogen pill, as opposed to the blue boner pill. 

So, if I'm not gonna make it, these guys sure as hell won't make it. And that's even before I apply the numbers.

Who is going to make it? Do you care

? Look at any dehumanizing situation, you know who makes it. 

The scumbags. And the more elite, the more scumbaggy. Elite panic is well documented. The best solution was provided by George Carlin, where you put all the rich people in a stadium, load them up on speed and coke and acid and liquor and PCP, and you give them unlimited weapons. The last one standing you pin a medal on and shoot them in the fucking head. Rinse. Repeat annually.

Because us regular folks? We know how to work just fine with AI algorithms started running business. 1973  was the start. That was when we officially became biorobots. 

So, fellow biorobot. Do you feel lucky? Are you ready for blood? Are you ready for radiation sickness? Are you ready for a Hobbseian war of all on all? Forget the cults. You are just a skin cell to be scraped off to them.

I have no desire to return to an 1830s lifestyle. Do you?

Anyway, Johnny is so 20th century stuck in the future. I try to be hip. I work the VR sculpt thing when I can. Here's an attempt at retro scifi. No penis rocket. Ovum sphere. This is, of course, Uranus. Seen from Titania.

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