Wednesday, February 1, 2023

Why I Quit Worrying

I've prided myself on maximum slack my whole life. I never wanted to work, and realized you had to, and so made work at maximum slack. Never took my work home with me. No weekend work unless I wanted to. I was a pampered prince in the IT world. Never pushed past 40%. 

I've always been semi-retired. Now that I officially am, I would like to hit 100%, and then naps and recovery.

Item: the powers of the world act increasingly amoral and cynically provide bullshit. Bullshit and bigoted mediocrity.

Possible answer. Some aliens, or some Things, are coming and they've known it since 19xx.

And in, say, 202x humans go to cockroach status when the aliens/monsters/ demons show up but they got luxury doomsday hideaways.

I can remember my mom telling me everyone thought 1950 would be doomsday. Why? It's an odd year.

Everybody assumes something is coming. Some. Thing. 

It does arrive, but It is not what you expected. Funny thing, reality.

So, here's a story, set in 3000CE.

Fear rains down upon the monkey hives. From the high orbit citadels, to the magma turbines deep within the Earth, all were afraid. Our Robot Cousins silent and disappeared. Something. Some. Thing. has happened to them.

Our Robot Cousins, who had space for themselves, who had space to themselves (since humans cannot live long term off of Earth) are gone. It's just us monkeys now.