Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Zina Saunders

About a week ago, I happened upon a little gated community for artists and illustrators called Drawger. Just as I found the place, one of their members was being booted out. Don't know why, and don't actually care.

What I do care about is she is here on blogger now and I encourage anyone who reads this to check her out.

She also as a website.

I remember a friend of mine talking about a sidewalk artist he found in Vegas who could whip up your portrait in less than a minute. He eventually had his portrait done and proudly brought it home to show friends and family.

It was fucking awful.

And I should know, because as a fairly unsuccessful artist I have done some fucking awful things and know what it takes to do that. And this portrait was just fucking awful. My friend had somehow sprouted a Richard Simmons hairdo, and developed a gap in his front teeth that David Letterman would have been proud of. And his body was wearing his head. (Like the one time I drew a guy whose hat was wearing him). Now, this guy has a pretty fat face, but this was, like, genetic anomaly. Even if the intent were caricature, it would still be fucking awful, because it did not even look like him. It belonged in the Museum of Bad Art. I just wish I had a picture of the guy with his portrait. That would have saved a whole paragraph.

At any rate, that's not what Zina does. She does good art. Which is good, because otherwise we'd have to roll up a newspaper and hit her saying "Bad artist! Bad!"

Please have a look. I'm sure you will enjoy her stuff.


  1. I'm guessing she doesn't think much of Sarah Palin.

  2. Ha! She definitely knows how to tap into that woman's inner maniac.

  3. Great to have met you in the wonderland of the internets.