Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Monkeys on Treadmills - or - More Weird Japanese Shit

Okay, here we go! I'm going to try an embeddence. A few words first. I recently tried to find a video of a monkey riding a treadmill. To my thorough disgust, there are none to be found on the internet.

"Why?" you ask, "do you wish to find a video of a monkey riding a treadmill?"

Well, I read an article on neural rehabilitation, in which they severed the spinal cords of monkeys, wired up the nerve endings, and then set them to walking on treadmills, while the signals to the nerve endings were transmitted via the wires to robots. So, spinal-cord injury monkeys are radio controlling robots. And I wanted to see a video of it, if it existed.

No, I'm not shitting you. I wish I could find the article. In fact, it now makes me wonder about all those kids playing first person shooter and MMPORG video games. They could be the monkeys on treadmills, remotely operating robots, in, say, China, assembling cell phones or something...

Anyway, it really doesn't have to do with the Japanese robot video I am about to embed. Well, only partly.

We've all known for a long time now that the Japanese have rather strange sexual proclivities. They like bondage, and school girls. And pixellating private parts. And virtual girlfriends. And Real Dolls. And the end result of all this, their Final Solution so it would seem is that they want to fuck robots.

Actually, I think it's quite more than that. They not only want to fuck robots, they want to be robots. Look at their anime, their cartoons, their fascination with giant humanoid fighting robots. The fact that they've been in a national depression for nigh on twenty years. Of course they want to be robots. No more aging. No more sad emotions. Just pure utter power. And fucking. With metallic parts. Gotta be it.

Here we go:

Did that work?  It did! Yay!

So, the Japanese are just starting to emerge from the Uncanny Valley . This is only borderline creepy.

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