Friday, October 15, 2010

Playing With Hands

It often feels like cheating when I produce an object made from a mold. Of course, it still takes the same skill of rendering, or nearly so, as it does to make something from scratch, but even so, it does feel like cheating.

I made a plaster mold of my hands, each one doing the gunfinger pose. And then I played around with them.

The original idea was just the hand, but then I remembered a ceramics student had made a mold of a toy gun, so I grabbed that and modified my hand. At first I thought "Okay, can't do this. It's just too cute". However, polling various students and faculty, the consensus was, "Nah. Funny, but not cute".

So, I guess I'll use it. I plan to cast the Alien Dude Hand above in glass, then do the usual metal and wood frame border formula. For the gun finger hands, I'll try both aluminum and bronze casts. I suspect aluminum will be better.

*Note the cow skull on the gun handle. I like that.

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