Monday, April 4, 2016

US of A is the No. 1 Tax Haven for the World

Courtesy Chicago Tribune
That is per Bloomberg Businessweek.

USA! USA! Winning!

Meanwhile, the big news is all about the Panama Papers, a 2.6 terabyte data leak that makes Snowden's and Wikileaks' leaks look like a little stream of old man pee working it's way around a swollen prostate.

So, yeah, all those foreign motherfucking cocksuckers, those supervillianous evildoers like Valdimir Putin, Xi Jinping, Muammar Ghaddafi, etc. Boo! Right?

No big surprise, but what about all the 1%ers in the US of A? Huh? You know that those cocksuckers are doing just fine while us peasants take it up the ass.

Is anyone worried that the pitchforks and torches just might finally come out if anything were disclosed? Seriously? After 2008, crickets, so that can't the reason. Maybe, like Rahm Emmanuel, they wait until after the presidential elections just in case anyone might get embarrassed at the disclosures. Especially the ones involved in luxury real estate development?

Meanwhile, a place that I drive by to and from for my weekend job, Brudders, at the corner of Addison and Pulaski, had a bouncer shot in the head Saturday night. In an unfortunate bit of timing, Chicago's Best aired an episode of this place Sunday evening, with Walter Payton's daughter eating and cooking burgers at the place. Someone dropped the ball at the Tribune Tower on that one.

Shootings, in case you haven't noticed, are up in Chiraq for 2016. There's a map up above, or you can look at the Chicago Tribune article.

So, that map, in case you are wondering, the problem areas are: on the west side, the Austin and South Austin neighborhoods, West Garfield Park, Lawndale. Down south, South Side, Marquette Park, Ashburn, Auburn, Gresham, Roseland... basically any place south of Garfield. Anyone care to case the particular ethnic make-up of that area?

Bonus question: anyone care to guess the level of policing that occurs in those areas?


  1. Yes, it's been a while as I've been hiding since I stopped working much and sit in front of the TV or walk around a bit...but I'm trying to get back into the swing...maybe anyway...
    I have relatives in the 'burbs of Chicago...and I believe that a big big big bruhahaha will be coming as soon as enough people get hungry...Can you French revolution?

  2. according to NASA, there have been 32 great civilizations that have imploded leaving nothing but ruins. We might just be on the cusp of number 33. whatever happens, it might just blow us back to the bronze age. ever read the short story Nightfall by Isaac Asimov?

    1. Sounds about right. Not all of the current 6.4 gigaton yield of the global nuclear stockpile could be used, but a significant fraction (960 megatons) probably puts us back to bronze age. At least 4 billion dead, and the other 3 billion no longer not quite fully human.