Saturday, May 30, 2020

Bone Worms

If the USA were an abyssal ocean plain, the death of George Floyd was a whale carcass dropped on it. The bone worms have come out.

Not that the video, protests, and another martyrized black man who would have preferred not, coupled with a plague of anxiety, will trigger something big.

But all of a sudden surprise property is important.

This is civilization, Of course property is important. The radical new idea that life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness is still a little strange and magical sounding. Through that giant invisible beast called government or community or corporation. The collective monkey AI which we have enjoyed for ? how many years?

WWII? Doesn't matter. Point being we are expendable. I know I am a monkey drone and proudly serve the monkey hive. The problem is the objective function of our hive. We see superhuman stuff from our civilization, but don't see an emergent supersoul. We are stupidly used as property. When smartly used, we build rocket ships and nuclear reactors and hallucinogenic drugs that let us contact aliens in other dimensions.

That's the current psychosis. It's not an unreasonable one.


  1. the human race has gone insane. or maybe it never was sane.

  2. White accelerationists are exploiting the protests. They show up, vandalize and provoke, then disappear after the cops are riled up