Thursday, May 7, 2020

Göbekli Tepe Back in the News

You hear "ahead of its time". No, if your dating techniques are accurate, of it's time.

Gobekli Tepe a UNESCO site in Turkey, is at least 11,500 years old. It is Stonehenge before Stonehenge with many stones covered magnificent carvings of animals and people. And now we find out it is the tip of the iceberg. Many other structures there, geometrically arranged.

Why do we think people of the past dumb and feeble when they were our superiors in every way? 

I guess it goes to when you think people became people, because once we were people, it was a matter of accumulating knowledge. Well, that and not dying out.

Last I heard about Gobekli Tepe was a guy interpreted carvings on one stone as constellations in the sky. There's a vulture and a scorpion and a wolf pictured on a stone, corresponding to the constellations Scorpio, Leta, and Lupus. Not a bad idea considering we were once intimate with the sky. Plotting the constellations happened to yield a figure of 10,950BCE plus or minus 250 years!
Oh, and there is a headless guy depicted at the bottom of the stone.

Cool. Problem is Professor Oxford leapt to the conclusion that this recorded a cataclysmic event perhaps precipitating the Younger Dryas. But. Headless guy has a boner. So clearly he is Orion, and if you plot that into your astrolabe you get the year 2020, plus or minus 250 years*

You've got the Bottleneck. It's not fake. It's real. Humans almost went extinct 120,000 years ago or so. People blame it on catastrophe when it could have been plague or climate. It took a while for perhaps a few thousand to get back up in numbers. And once they do, they party.

That's my theory. Gobekli Tepe started out as a party. Party turns into a festival. Festival turns into a carnival, and then something went wrong. Called organization. Or Civilization. 

It started out great. Alcohol. Weed. Psychedelics for sure. Maybe even some type of speed. Feasts and orgies. Every year. For generations. And then it went Burning Man, and it sucked. And was abandonded, like a 1994 website.

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  1. *No I made that up, but it sounded good.

  2. clearly they were smarter than us. could we present day humans build even one of the small Egyptian pyramids without our modern tools and machines starting with quarrying the stones? or even a Stonehenge? I think not.