Tuesday, May 5, 2020

Living in a Teatard Paradise

I went into the college again today to lasercut PPE face shields.

Walking through the empty parking lots I noticed stickers on the light poles for the American Patriot Front, which turns out is a white supremacist anti-Semitic right wing group. No doubt to recrit students to the cause.

I defaced them all.

After I got home from volunteering, I noticed a sign on the street that said "Honk if you like QAnon".

QAnon is also a white supremacist anti-Semitic right wing group. I stopped and tore it down.

I'm noticing they are becoming increasingly bold, and why not? Cops beating black people for not wearing masks, then strolling though dense crowds of white people without masks. Black and latin groups dying of COVID-19 at a much higher rate than whites.

Of course all those right wingers think they are immune to consequence.

Then you got these shitty fuckholes demonstrating at state capitols, supposedly demanding an end to lockdowns, but really there just to stir shit up.

These are the exact same people (in some cases literally) as the Tea Party movement from ten years ago.

They aren't about small government and constitutional rights then or now. That was all bullshit. Interviews at the time  revealed teatards were just fine with big goverment - provided they kept getting their welfare. They were mad about immigrants taking a slice of "their" pie, and, of course, the black guy in the White House.

And now they got "their" retard in the White House, and the same group of ignorant bigots and fat lardy bags of bad skin coul not be happier. Throw in the possibility of looting and raping and lynching and bombing, and they are in paradise.

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