Wednesday, September 29, 2021

Corporate Kaijus

I've been reading through entries from this Memory Hut, and it's 90% prattle. Animal noises. 

It is a rarity I am impressed by something I wrote. I also notice I'm still stuck on the same subjects a decade later. One of them was the surmise that humans are a super-organism as surely as ants and bees. Smaller cohorts of humans are also super-organisms as well, with their own pecutliarities and talents.

As an illustration, Blair Fix, in his essay The Evolution of 'Big': How Sociality Made Life Larger, estimates that the US Federal government is 10,000 times bigger than a blue whale.

"Were this mass packed into one animal, the beast would be three quarters the height of the Empire State Buidling".

I assume he equates employee count to pounds. Our metaphorical US MechaGodzilla is 938 feet tall. The largest movie godzilla to date is 1,043 feet. With this simple comparison of super-massive animals based upon human average weight, we can derive lists.

Wal-Mart-zilla: 1031 feet tall, McDonalds: 540 foot tall clown. The Chinese Communist Kaijus? Dwarf everything. 

How about instead of employee numbers, revenue size, or wealth or what? You can see where this is going. Portraits of Corporate Kaijus and Government Mechas.

Sounds lika a great landscape to explore limited only by yours truly. And see how that works? I am lazy and bore easily and am already talking myself out of the project. I should start hiring people to do this shit for me. They will have more and better ideas, and I just have to give it the nod and take the shit when it doesn't work. 

I imagine Elon Zuckerbergs, or Mark Musks, piloting their mega-mecha-zillas from stratospheric heights, feel like unto gods.

Zoom away one thousand yards, and you see a lizord with a pea brain.

For all practical effects, a small guy on guy-wires waiting to get rattled inside a metal skull. Happens to princes and paupers all. 

Best, my lovelies, to find Flow.

Flow destroys the ego.

You fade into the task.

All that remains is the work.

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