Thursday, March 18, 2021

Motion Capture

Since getting a VR rig 2 years ago, I found a program in beta called Tvori. Easy animation with either real-time hand waving or frame-by-frame. I think they are heading in a Enterprise direction so they really should put out a kid version. 

I've also been invited to beta test Animotive.

Sans VR rig, Blender would be the one to try.

I honestly don't know how to convert their XYZ dxdydz into a Eshkol Wachman notation like stickman in hamster cage, but that's what programmers are for, of which I aren't for a long time. 

But it also raises the idea if all you want is motion capture data, of which there is a shit-ton and a lot is fight stuff for games, that is an easier route than homespun karaoke.


  1. immersive presentations to facilitate communication between stakeholders..., enterprise alright - I'd considered trying to scrape up a Kinect rig from gamestop. But here's my question. How does it track or capture foot or leg motion? What kind of accessory setup do you need outside the wearable vr rig?


    1. HTC Vive has wearables, foot, knee whatever. Also Xsens suits which you can rent. Sensors are inertial, magnetic and optical tied into a visor. Do you need VR? No. only the wearables.

    2. Kinect rigs have a larger future than Bitcoin. You can have raves with kinects. If Bitcoin can become a hallucinogen it might make it but the future is mechanical elves all the way down.

    3. Oh. Shit. Sorry. using tvorium? you rewind and use the hand controllers for the feet.

  2. Now that's an appealingly simple (inexpensive) approach to getting the job done. Worst case, I wind up with an occulus rig for my son and his cronies to phug around with. Thank you sir!