Monday, March 8, 2021

A Lamentation for Old Japan

Q (the real Q from Star Trek): 

You judge yourselves against the pitiful adversaries you've encountered so far - the British Crown, the Confederacy. Nazis. Soviets. They're nothing compared to what's waiting.

Shall I compare 1930s Japan to a summer's day in the USA? Bad allegory but still so many matches. I wish we were 1930s Japan. That whole 1931 - 1945 arc really needs to happen to the good ol' USA. And it will. And we will deserve it.

Let me back track to watching two Studio Ghibli movies; Princess Mononoke and Spirited Away. Both are lamentations of a then 60 year old Japanese Boomer how Millennials had given up all the old filthy habits and superstitions (not that Shintoism has gone away), but all those filthy habits and god bothering were good landscape practices.

The movies got me teary-eyed sentimental old man. I watched Spirited Away with both English and Japanese subtitles. The nostalgia of the 6th extinction is permeated throughout this movie. I understand.

Born in 1957, my world is now 2/3rds DEAD. Ten years ago it was halfway dead. now it's 2/3rds.

We are behind schedule for Soylent Green (2022) but it not for lack of trying.

The really alarming thing was helping my brother move down to Missouri. Missouri wasn't alarming. Driving 8 or 9 hours, I had no reason to wipe bugs from my windshield. In the 1970s, you had to clean bug smear all the time. We've had an alarming drop in bugs. This is bad. This explains the lowering sperm counts. 

We are very elegantly getting out of the way not fast enough. If you wonder whose schedule we're on look up and wave at the 1%. The achieved escape velocity in Q2 1972 and happily ever after. The Snakes and Spiders Club is open to all. We recognize talent in both force and fraud.

Which gets us back to Japan of late 1944-45. We USAsians really need to get it hammered in what war does. At the end, they were eating mice and sending killer kyle zombie robots we call kamikaze.

All of this suicidal fanaticism was not Old Japan, it was manufactured in the 1930s by mass media. 

(Writing being the first atomic bomb). (TV the H-bomb). (Internet???)

Point being, I had our chances at 50-50 even-steven in 2020 but now we looking at getting civilization cat-friendly after we are gone. If that's where you want to go. 

There was a SF story about how we were the rats and the dinosaurs left in spaceships (and also bombed Earth with a comet fragment), and we, the rats, are building spaceships now.

The only way we would have continued the space lunar program is if Buzz Aldrin or someone found the entrance to the ancient dinosaur moon base.

To live in that alternate Earth, I think it more likely we die sooner. 

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