Friday, September 24, 2010

Who Owns That?

Recently, Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin wrapped his arms around the North Pole and said "Mine!"

And, after having done that, he specified that any divvying up of Arctic resources could be resolved peaceably, which, I guess, involves some kind of Risk game rolling of the dice.

(Yes, I played Risk, and now regret it. I would sorely love to have those hundreds of hours of wasted time back).

Ah, but there are a couple of points here. One thing, an ironic point, is how many global warming skeptics are suddenly warming (ah-ha-ha! funn-ny!)  to the idea of exploiting Arctic resources. Apparently, there is a ton of gas and oil up there, probably enough to get us all the way to the climate of Venus (which, see, is a joke, because, Venus is, like, hot, dude). 

So, suddenly a lot of these conservative business-type deniers seeing the giant dollar signs floating in the sky over the Arctic circle, apparently now think that, gee I guess it is warming up after all, and that's a good thing! 

The other point to notice is just how messy the ownership issue is. The five principal players are Russia, Canada, the US, Denmark, and Norway. There is currently a dispute over the Lomonosov Ridge , and whether it is an extension of Russia's continental shelf. If so, Russia gets just a whopper of a piece of the big pie.

Of course, the others will do just fine - including the Heathen Selfish Socialist Billionaire Fishermen Who Come From the Place Where It Rains Too Much . Kind of makes me feel now, that my poverty-stricken ancestors made a big mistake coming to the US of A, but then Grandmom wouldn't have met Granddad and I wouldn't be here, or somebody else would.

Honestly, not much to do except recognize that Yamburg ("In Yamburg, frost bites you!") may become a port of call and tourist destination. Maybe I should brush up on my Russian? Or maybe I should buy some land up near Seattle - seeing as it will soon be the next Cabo san lucas.

Cabo is so 90s anyway...


  1. Ironic that as soon as dollars get waved, people change thier minds.

    Howdy from BYMC by the way!

  2. Hey dude,

    How're things in the Deep South part of the planet?

  3. Great! In relativence to the story, recently we had an Oil Confrence full of big wigs.

    Aparently we have enough oil and gas to last a zillion years, and enough money to buy us all Porshes. So they tell us