Tuesday, September 21, 2010

The Whining Rich

To mangle Shakespeare's Henry V: "If your cause be just and honorable, why the need to fucking lie?"

What is it about conservatives, who, given that they wish to preserve certain institutions and traditions, and should feel a moral obligation to seek the truth and accuracy of historical narrative, are instead willing to suck just any bullshit that validates their fucked-up world view? And shouldn't that apply to current events as well?

Take the latest bullshit from a supposed law professor at the University of Chicago.

My first impulse naturally to even question the existence of the Whining Professor M. Todd Henderson. This reeks as the fiction of some political hack, the particularly frothy bowel product of some cubicle creature.

I mean, the good professor just sounds too fucking stupid to actually earn that kind of coin, let alone have that type of job. Now, UChicago is in infamous for a lot of things, including Where Fun Goes to Die, but it seems to me that their Law School is not in the habit of hiring  drooling slackjawed meatslappers living beyond their means in a vain attempt to ape the super-rich, and unable to balance a checkbook.

But apparently Todd exists, in which case, I attribute all his troubles stemming from using the name "Todd".

On a more positive note, (and perhaps I should avoid politics for a bit as it is making me more than a bit cranky lately), today, September 21st, is my one year anniversary of quitting smoking. Only 34 more years to get back to even.

Not only am I one year younger today, but we've received a gift from the Gulf and the day is warm and pleasant, feeling more like June than late September.

I plan on celebrating by going on a five mile run.

Hooray for me!


  1. Congratulations on your one-year anniversary...it's probably why you're a bit cranky...thinking about all those cigarettes that you missed smoking...do you feel better without them...can you tell any difference...running easier...

  2. Hey thanks! Nah, I'm cranky from having my intelligence insulted.

    But I am breathing easier, not necessarily running easier!

  3. I was just reading your link to the Chicago law professor's tax info...He probably has no idea what his tax burden is...most people at that level don't...they have financial 'people' who take care of all that...they just spend...unfortunately, us little people don't get to spend because all the funds have gone to the rich...hopefully he'll keep a few financial people employed anyway...

  4. It was part of the reason why I thought "Todd" was a make-believe character, paying $100K on an income just north of $250K is something a totally clueless partisan PR guy would come up with.