Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Take America Back!

A common refrain from the New Right is that they want to "Take America Back".

The question is, to when?

1880? 880? 80? Prehistoric times? I've got to wonder. They sure seem like they want to wipe out modernity. They are not comfortable in the 21st century. Why even one their greatest humorists  doesn't seem to be at all comfortable in the present day. I've given him the benefit of the doubt, I read his stuff, ready to laugh, and, honestly, I can't see how he's funny. I mean, maybe he's funny if you like your humor corny and cornfed, and wearing a straw boater and spats, with an affinity for smallpox, patent medicines, child labor, diphtheria, and coal smog. I don't know, maybe life was funnier back then, or maybe humor was simpler. Like, setting fire to cats, and pitting bears against a pack of dogs was funny back then. Maybe that kind of funny.

And now it turns out that perhaps the reason they all wish to return to the past is because one of their ilk, a particularly backward-thinking individual named Dinesh D'souza, has discovered Obama's Dad's Time Machine .

Yes, Obama's dad had a time machine, and Dinesh is now convinced that Obama is trapped in it. That's what he says: "our President is trapped in his father's time machine".

I suppose Dinesh would prefer he get the President out (no doubt fulfilling a juvenile fantasy in the process), and use Obama's father's time machine for his own infernal ends.

Perhaps to send all of us back to a simpler time? A time before all this infernal complexity made life so difficult? Perhaps the Stone Age? Or maybe stop the mating of Kenyan goatherds, so that Obama is never born, and thus save the future, which is the present, from an economic collapse?

Well, we will never know, as Dinesh is obviously and unquestionably insane.

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  1. Unfortunately, he feeds the hoards who are looking for a scapegoat...scary times we live in...