Wednesday, April 6, 2022

Breaking News: Elon Musk Invades Twitter

Musk has been buying shares of Twitter since January, amassed 9.2% of the company to become the largest shareholder. The Twitter put him on the board of directors with his promise he would not seek controlling interest. No one wants to call it a hostile takeover, but that is what it was, exactly the same to when Musk took over Tesla.
Sieg Heil Baby

Musk claims this is a free speech issue, but this is a red herring considering 1) under Citizen's United, money is free speech, and therefore Musk is more than free to speak; 2) his own censorious history and lame shitposting negates his claim to be a free speech absolutist, and 3) this is not a First Amendment issue. Only the mentally challenged, highly naive or cynical nihilists buy the Free Speech bullshit.

Is any of this important? Could be, under certain counterfactuals. Twitter has been getting the tar beat out of it by TikTok and Snapchat. User numbers of Twitter, like Facebook, are not going in the right direction. I doubt that Musk is interested in growth so much as control, our thin-skinned petty tyrant is making Twitter how he wants it to be. I will tell you right now, Twitter jail will be expanded to a gulag.

(One wonders why Donald Trump didn't try this instead of tragic attempts to get his mojo back. It oculd, aside from not being smart enough to think of it, or having smart advisers to think of it, Trump just didn't have the money to pull it off. So, he stinks of loser stench forever after, amen).

If Musk is actively involved in management, we can expect similar disappointments that Tesla and SpaceX have provided. 

What? Scream the stans, Tesla is worth over a trillion dollars, and SpaceX disrupted the aerospace industry. But keep in mind, without stellar management and countless faceless engineers for him to Thomas Edison in front of, Musk would have neither Tesla or SpaceX. In fact, he barely managed to be part of PayPal.

More and more, the comparison to Hitler's early luck and later meddling seems ready to play out. All Musk needs now is a Doktor Feelgood to shoot him up with concoctions to get him to the next meeting.

Which is to say, this is more illiberal democracy, more of the totalitarian future we can all look forward to. Social media is carved up and siloed, but clearly all it takes is the next invention to fuck up the status quo. You don't need innovators or disruptors to muck about the place, things just keep on changing. Without the next big thing, it's just churning the waters with a shit stick to see what can be skimmed. Perhaps that's all this is, or perhaps Musk thinks he can, with his brain control shit, control brains. 

Or maybe he just wants an Edit button.

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