Saturday, March 5, 2022

The World of Sears

Why doesn't Sears rule the world? What if in, say, 1994, one savvy dick had a light bulb and in 2022, there is no Amazon, Walmart, etc., there is only SEARS.
In the early 90s, one out of seven jobs was with Sears, and good paying jobs with benefits I might add. They (had they known) could have owned the entire internet. They had everything: customer data, credit agency, communications, you name it. All they needed was to have someone from the future clue them in, I guess. 

Now Marvel has us all familiar with the multiverse, now let's talk about counterfactuals. Counterfactuals are time travel, but there is a spectrum of least likelihood the further back you go. Nonlinear dynamics compound, therfore there is no return to mean except from left field. 

Actually, a world of SEARS might not be bad right now. Given everyone shitting their pants. Alright, Johnny lets split us in half for a Q&A.

Q: What do you think about Ukraine?

A: As opposed to Yemen, Syria, Ethiopia, for starters? Oh, WHITE refugees, why didn't you say so?

Q: That's cynical. No, what's going to happen?

A: Russia is going to win. Putin is not going to accept anything else. Hopefully, former President Zelenskyy is hosting the Oscars next year.

Q: The Russkie look like they are getting their asses whupped. Ironically by drones from Turkey. But where TF is Russian air power? 

A: Prisoners and cannon fodder first to judge defenses, hard elements for counter strike. Classic KGB battalion. And don't kid yourself, Putin will use nukes if he has to.

Q: You don't think that a bluff.

A: Nope. He will use them and is counting on you to not believe him

Q: Who are you the Putin whisperer?

A: Think of this long term. Russia is now on its own which it has always figured on. It has nothing to lose. But, Russia has got a buddy in China. That's not going to change. Russia got the future cultivating acres, China already up in Siberia, still plenty of Arctic gas and oil to tap into. Long term wise, China and Russia got a good 40 year surplus over the old USA. Besides the real WWIII is China taking over Taiwan.

A: They are thinking World Island. Our (USA) only option is Your World Island in My Solar System, bitch.

Q: Thank you for your time.

A: Bye!

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