Friday, March 25, 2022

A Pendant for Hope

My great-niece is graduating high school and off to college. I asked her if she needed anything. 

"You're getting gift money, but anything else? "

"Make me an amulet"

"Hon, I'm not religious or superstititious" 

"Do your best".

I took an old design I liked, cast it in silver, and then started beaming power into it, for lack of a better word. I figured I'd be better at cursed objects to ward and protect rather than lucky charms, So, I imagined pumping evil into that silver. A protective hate to surround and shroud my kin.

Thank goodness for the internet news. That provided plenty of evil to pump into that amulet. I would grip the silver in the palm of my hand and rage at events and think pure evil (but with an algorithm that excludes the precious wearer).

I gave her the amulet and told her I pumped a shit ton of evil into it to protect her. She put it on and grinned and hugged me.

It was a perfect Uncle Fester with Wednesday Addams moment.