Saturday, January 15, 2022

The Senate by Sortition

My MRI. That is one sexy brain.

I half expected an octopus, or maybe a facefugger. It's reassuring that everything looks textbook up in the noggin. 

The Senate is a hindrance to democracy. It is the product of snobbery. The best band aid I can think of is selecting senators by lottery. Sortition. That is the most egalitarian method of choice.

Senators are chosen by lottery. Except right now, per the pesky 17th amendment, theys are directly elected by popular vote. A grisly popularity contest of weird magic and charisma. A 1920s high school none of us wanted to go to. I went to school with these assholes, and now look. 

1) get rid of electors, who can be used as man-in-the-middle attacks, otherwise serve no purpose in direct elections, duh. 

2) Form the Lottery Party. You, a paid member in  our Lottery Party, get an equal chance at becoming senator of your state if we win. Or a representative.

People sayd? What you let any idiot become senator? 

Hey, it's not like recall elections disappear with the lottery.

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