Monday, November 15, 2021

Who's Ready For Some Metaverse?

Worries about a scifi dystopia are a little late, but thank goodness it's still a rich white boy problem.

Or is it? Time was when no one walked around with a phone cellular or otherwise. Now, practically everyone is bionic. Ear buds were invented in 1893, so more than a hundred years of electric telepathy.

If you had They Live sunglasses you'd maybe see the silicon clone of Steve Jobs latched on to your skulll and sucking like mad, depositing stigmergic tracings and QR codes on people and surfaces.

So, here's the scary article about the metaverse. AR inventor warns Metaverse could be Hell.

Here's my favorite quote of wortk he did in the 1990s:

This early system employed a million dollars’ worth of equipment, requiring users to climb into a large motor-driven exoskeleton and peer into a makeshift vision system that hung from the ceiling, all while they performed manual tasks in the real world, such as inserting pegs into holes of different sizes. At the same time, virtual objects were merged into their perception of the real workspace, the goal being to assist users as they perform the complex task. The research was a successshowing that we could boost human performance by over 100 percent when combining the real and the virtual into a single reality.

Bionic and that's your first taste of Borg. Nice huh? Then it gets easy to wear the They Live sunglasses all the time. 

Just thinking of the amount of malware that can be thrown into this new internet of shit is, wow, Siberia sized coal fields baked by molten magma toxics. So much so we may need to go Steampunk and have everything mechanical. Can you malware mechanical? Probably. 

Still, this remains a rich white boy problem. The global infrastructure doesn't exist for the Metaverse. Unless you are willing to sacrifice latency and granularity (photo realism), which we do, nobody will be interested unless it gives them a leg up.

(John Kurman. Alcoholic Drug Addict) hanging above my head, And what's above your head?

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