Sunday, November 28, 2021

Knock em Sock em Rock em Robots

Looks like I keep the eye. Which is a slight bummer since I'm ready to go Borg


Fuck the torch. AND BY THAT i MEAN the British term for flashlight. I want my right eye to be a fucking Moon buggy, not a Martian weather sTATION. Eyeborg. Iborg. sigh borg. borg blanket bingo zingo ringo

Once you go Borg, you never go back. 

My life has been gravy since 2006. Urologist caught a precancerous bladder, reamed me out and saved one kidney. Life is gravy since then. I don't feel guilty when I waste it.
But I relish when I remember in a way both great and tender the delicious span of life I should not have.

Middle Aged Johnny Death by the Stone, he quit peeing. Mordern medical science actually only caught up in the 1990s! So, again, I am riding the gravy train, and know it.I really need to work on the gratitude and spreading the wealth.

Because of Marvel multiverse shit, people start to get counterfactuals, which is the narrative after the change, the hinge, the divergence, the warp and weft of choice and fork of force and fraud.

Everyone assumes regression to the mean. Wrongo bongo Butt bongo bingo. iF tHat WeRe TrUe we'd be a carbon dioxide planet like Venus. 

Kurman Exclusion Principle: You cannot time travel back to your original universe.

You're welcome.

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