Sunday, September 20, 2015

Expo Chicago 2015

I went to Expo Chicago Saturday. There wasn't as much to take pictures of as in previous years. There were an inordinate amount of tall, stunning, blonde women, this year. Sorry, no pictures. Since I am neither rich nor famous, I was ignored, along with 99.999% of all the other males there.

Gallery Thomas Schulte of Berlin had some nice work by Allan McCullom. these very nice hand-turned objects were done in ash wood, A continuation of his Shapes Project. I was drawn to them both because of the wood and because they rather have a similarity to some of the shapes I play with, basically metazoan body plans. These shelves here go for a cool $108,000. The whole wall of twelve shelves can be had for $324,000. Allan had these turned on a lathe by craftsmen in Germany.

Cuban art was once again present with Cernuda Art gallery. Here is a painting by Manuel Mendive that I liked. I guess he's going for the whole alternate dimensional mechanical elves experience from the Santeria perspective.

James Turrell had not his normal stuff at Pace Galleries.

Bullethead, 1990
And welcome back, Donald Lipski! He has not exhibited for awhile. He has been doing mostly public commissions. I last saw his work at the Chicago Cultural Center in 2001. He had a piece at Hill Gallery of Birmingham, MI for an upcoming exhibition.

Saw a very fun kinetic piece by Carlos Costa at LOCAL Arte Contempor├íneo (Chile).

Other than that, saw some art, some good, some hideous. I engaged in painful conservation with curators and gallery owners who would have much rather been talking to rich and famous people. Got mistaken for a gay guy and was hit on. Walked around way too much, and suffered for it later. Ended up in going to bed at 9:30 in the pm. Next up SOFA Chicago in November. Still not sure if I'll go to that.


  1. Almost forgot. They had a whole bunch of neon, pretty much all forgettable. But! Neon lighting is 105 years old. Developed by Georges Claude's company Societe l'Air Liquide in 1910, the fact that a mere 2 years prior, the world's total amount of neon could be measured in gram quantities should astound you.

    1. Not 2 years, 8 years. But still. Industrial sized quantities through the liqufiaction of air, when the tech was confined to cutting edge laboratories prior to that is astounding.