Monday, December 22, 2014

What I Done Did Today

I got two requests done for clients today. I cast five peach pits in bronze.

I was mailed peach pits that had been molded and cast in wax. It was brown wax, so when I open the box, I said "Boy I sure hope these are wax". The peach pits I invest in plaster/silica in a coffee can flask.

I also cast four little sails for a sail boat. The sails I won't show you a picture of because they are just triangles, but they were 1/16" thick, so I had to invest them in jewelry flasks and spin cast them.

I also cast four archies to finish "The Caretakers". (The archies are the cockroach looking things, and there were not enough of them to constitute a herd).

I also cast three glass pieces over the weekend, and loaded up two more with glass frit and put them into the kiln. The first one was kind of an experiment, and I'm going to keep it I think.
"Machinerette Tych #A"

The second two cast glass pieces are part of the machinerette series, and are "Machinerette Diptych #4".

I got them out of the kiln, cleaned them, bead blasted them, glued a wood mount on back. I didn't get around to welding up a steel mandala piece for my mom for Xmas. I better get that done tomorrow.

See this is what I can do when I am not bothered...

12/23/14 Update: I got my mom's Xmas present done. It took a lot less time than I expected, but I really burned the shit out of my fingers making it. Bent, cut, welded up steel pencil rod. Patinaed with Birchwood-Casey M-20, and waxed it up. It's from a mandala key fob she liked. It's about 12" in diameter:


  1. what do you bead blast with. I want to try that.

  2. Fine Glass Bead

  3. The glass machinerettes are beautiful man, creamy colors and peculiar critters go well together I think.