Friday, December 5, 2014

The Dreaded P Word

I was showing the latest bronze castings to two students in my class.

These are tipsies. Tipsies are robot animals that are walking batteries.

This is a tipsie driver.

The tipsie driver travels in a tentacular personel carrier, because the gipsies imprint upon him as the leader of the pack, and also they can move at speeds up 30 miles an hour, much faster than a man can run.

Looking at the tipsies, the students both noticed the "baby" and said, "Oh, look at the baby!" "That's so cute". "It's more than cute, it's precious!"

Oh. Fuck.


Yeah, okay, maybe the tendency is to make the little buggers more attractive, because, you know, marketability.  But, just so you know what is going on, the title of the whole piece is called the Tipsie Driver.

The tipsie driver's name is Aabel Jussiennimi. Why a Finn is a tipsie driver I don't know. His son, Torsti, lost a foot to the baby tipsie. It lashed out with a vicious kick that severed the foot from the leg. Fortunately, Aabel was nearby to stanch the bleeding, and his son survived.

Precious little thing.


  1. I figured it out. Mr. J and son are Sami, reindeer herders.

  2. precious? really? the tipsies should be in front and the driver should be herding them along. giddyup!