Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Peter Thiel Wants To Live Forever


I guess he assume things will be good for him in the future, launched into orbit away from society, tucked away in that .01-per-center cocoon.

Oh, he says he only wants to live to 120 years, but when you plow money into life extension ventures, you kind of have a clue as to what he wants to do. Immortality, or the next best thing, immorbidity.

He's taking human growth hormone to prevent bone breakage (and hoping the cancer risk is ameliorated with a cure in ten years), drinks red wine, doesn't eat sugar, and subscribes to the paleo diet. Well, isn't that nice. Maybe he should read this article about how if he is worried about bone breakage, he really needs to do strenuous, dangerous physical activities out of doors. He should become someone's bitch and do all the hard manual labor for them. Diet doesn't help. 

And what exactly is so important about Peter Thiel that he should live forever? Especially when the case can be made that a huge amount of public resources were expended so he could leverage his fortune, and a huge amount of scarce labor and ingenuity will be wasted on keeping him alive, as opposed to, I don't know, several thousand other people just having a normal life with the same resources and expended energies?

Notes Slashdot's Hugh Pickens: "With the 70 plus years remaining him and inspired by "Atlas Shrugged," Thiel also plans to launch a floating sovereign nation in international waters, freeing him and like-minded thinkers to live by libertarian ideals with no welfare, looser building codes, no minimum wage, and few restrictions on weapons".

I'm willing to bet, if he moves to his rickety offshore libertopia bristling with weapons, with all the safety features off, and no safety net, he won't make it 70.

Good luck Peter!


  1. Good. Let all those rich people move to a created floating nation. Let them make the rules for their little utopia. And have no other nation on earth be willing to do business with them...don't sell them food, materials, and most of all, no 98%ers, no one to work for them. Let them eat their money, let them wear their money. Oh yeah, they will have to mint their own money cause they won't be able to use US dollars and hopefully no one will accept their currency. I say we even blockade their little floating utopia. Nothing goes in, nothing comes out.

    1. And the last survivor gets a medal, and then we shoot him in head.

    2. Libertarians just want to be pirates.

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