Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Pulling Wings Off Flies

81 million bucks to provide due diligence for butt-wumping practices?

I'm sure the CIA could have gone much cheaper in their consultation services, but, hey, one hand washes the other, especially when it's been rectally feeding someone.

(In fact, when I read the summary of techniques such as as sleep deprivation, waterboarding, diapers, and rectal feeding, I thought, well, hell, just another day in the Cheney household. "Liz!... LIZ! Time for daddy's rectal feeding! Stat!" RRARRH!". Cheney wouldn't find anything wrong with all this. What's the problem? ).

Of course, I have to assume that there are people smarter than me in the CIA, who know that the best way to extract information is through kindness. Get them all comfy, stroke them with compliments, get the ego all expansive and ready to brag, and you get yourself all the information you want. I'm reminded of the story of the Nazi interrogator Hanns Scharff, who used his used car salesman techniques to get info from Allied airmen.

This is not an isolated case, I can't remember what book it was in, but I read of two other cases, one a Mossad interrogator of hardened Palestinian terrorists, the other a NYC police detective ("If I could get them to use my first name, I knew I had them"), also used these techniques. Any good parent uses these techniques.

So, if the CIA spooks are smarter than me, they know this, and they know that strong arm tactics, 3rd degree stuff, gives unreliable or false information, and so they must be doing this out of sheer infantile sadism and spite, and to send out the message that the old white vampires still mean business, to show the world that the bumbling amateurs in ISIS are mere pikers compared to us.

Problem is, if you present yourself as a intolerable, inexorable threat, inevitably people will get rid of you when the opportunity presents itself... jess sayin'.


  1. From the Oval Office, down to the mayor's office in Ferguson MO, all the way down to the front doors of every urban public highschool in Uhmurka welcoming students daily with metal detectors and stop and frisk policies..., the spirit of Big Dick Cheney infuses the Uhmurkan zeitgeist

  2. lol, thanks for reminding me of this specific fleeting fleck of Bob Ney's fast forgotten fuckery...,

  3. where exactly is that moral high ground America keeps bragging about?