Friday, June 28, 2013

Creepy-ass Cracker

I certainly don't consider this racist, any more than I would "creepy-ass douchebag", or "creepy-ass cocksucker". The fact that the term was used in the context it was used in makes it abundantly clear to all except tiny-brained, creepy-ass, douchebag, cocksucking crackers that want to make it an issue about race, which it is not. It's slang. Get over it, bitches. In fact, I plan on using the term as often as I can, for a little while, even to people who aren't white (if I am in that situation where I can do that).

You want to see a truly creepy, creepy-ass cracker? Here you go:

This was made by a ten-year-old student in the summer craft program here at Harper.

On a few occasions, I've watched the show called "Adventure Time", and this ceramic bunny reminds a little of that. A quick google search tells me the closest approach is a fan-fiction alternate-sex character called "Fiona", as in "Fiona and Cake". When Fiona is excited or infuriated, her eyes become big blue dots.
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Ever notice that there are no people of color (I mean non-white colorful people), in the post-apocalyptic world of Adventure Time? What's that about?


  1. Okay, the creepy-ass part of creepy-ass cracker is little racist, maybe. So what?

  2. lol, why is the "creepy-ass" part of creepy-ass cracker racist?

    1. Well, you can't possibly think that a dry thin crispy baked bread product that may be leavened or unleavened can be construed as racist. Can you? Must be the other part.