Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Lost and Found

For a guy that would like to try and stay ahead of the curve, it's discouraging how often I'm one of the last people to find out things. Take beer. St. Louis, which has been producing that awful swill water, that pee from an obese diabetic known as Budweiser, is now actually producing good beer.

No, I'm not talking about microbrews or artisanal craft beers (although I am very much encouraged by this 'foodie' trend). I'm talking about the fact that InBev, the Belgian/Brazilian brewing giant, bought Anheuser Busch last year, and is brewing big again in St. Louis.  I've tried the St. Louis brewed Becks and find it acceptable. Well, good for them, because St. Louis needs all the help it can get.

Anyway, that was news to me. What was also new was that Illinois redistricted, and I just received the news that my polling place has changed. I am now supposed to vote at the Christian Liberty Academy on Nov. 6th. As a result, I'm voting early at the village hall, and for two reasons - 1) I don't trust that my paper ballot will be processed properly by those creepy religious types, and 2) Rick Santorum visited the school earlier this year and I'm pretty sure that the man-on-dog butt froth stench has not completely cleared out of the place.

In case you area wondering, yes, I am a cynical optimist, and, so, yes, I am voting, and, no, I'm not voting for that hidebound, brittle, waspish, micro-managing, authoritarian creep, Mitt Romney. and his even creepier, never-had-a-real-job-in-his-life, boy wonder Paul Ryan.

Doesn't mean I'm particularly pleased with Obama, but, like in 2008, I'm voting against a candidate, not for one. And please, spare me the whole ridiculous third party bullshit. Like term limits, that's not only a simplistic idea, but a futile one as well. You want change? Your gonna have to wait for the collapse and join the right tribe.

My voting for Obama is, quite simply, fighting a rearguard action against all the bloated plutocrats, busybodies, and self-interested drama queens who are destined to one day rule this nation of ours. It may be that by voting for Obama, it is only a three hour delay towards the eventual right-wing dictatorship we will live under, but that is three hours longer than any other alternative.

And at least Obama is behind science and technology, and for heading towards the 22nd century, instead of wanting to hide in the past. And Mitt seems determined to burn every last shred of combustible material in sight, just burn it all up until it's all gone, because then, why the Rapture will be here, and the country can be fueled by all those burning souls in Hell. Because, you can tell just by looking at him, that it is not enough that Mitt and his cronies rule in Heaven, he needs to be able to see the rest of us suffering in Hell.

Schadenfreude is the Republican middle name.


  1. While Budweiser only owns about 33% of the company - I do love me some Redhook ESB.

    1. I was fortunate enough to discover Redhook when out in the Seattle area back in '96. I do like that bitter taste (might say something about my character).