Tuesday, August 14, 2012


I've been busy assembling the weekend sculptor's big abstract geometric aluminum sculpture for installation this Thursday. I'm not exactly beat down by the work, but these 9-12 hour days for the past eleven days have taken their toll. I've got more than my fair share of bruises, cuts, scrapes, abrasions, and burns on me. Not to mention sore muscles. And I recently acquired a close to  world record 2nd degree burn blister on my right index finger, where I had to hold a bracket while it got welded in place, and it set my leather welding glove on fire, but I had to keep holding on till the job was done. I then threw the burning glove to the floor, but too late, I got myself a burn. I need to figure out a clamp that works on nonmagnetic metals. An articulated clamp. I actually, I did, but I can't say more in case it is patentable (which means I do a google search).

So, I've been behind on my science news reading (which is the only news that is news).

I'm starting to suspect that my prediction regarding ultracold things may have some legs to it. The topic of atomtronics is starting to heat up. Plus, some scientists in Germany are starting to figure out how to cool down large masses to near absolute zero. So, the industrial mass production of supercold shit seems to be inevitable. I look forward to the cool things that will come out of left field as a result of this.

Other news. I know wireless power has been a dream going back to Tesla. I also know that small devices can be powered via radio waves. No they have figured out how to cheaply mass produce devices that are powered by radio waves. These funny little patches are conceived to be used for information on things like price tags, logos, and signage similar to the way QR codes are used.

But, as I surmised with QR code abuse, I can't help but think that these rectenna devices could be used to load malware on your mobile. And, given that they are cheap to produce, and fairly innocuous and easily hidden, what's to stop people from leaving them everywhere? No worse than what occurs now with mobiles, I suppose, but, a little computer patch on a dumpster or a bulletin board sign ready to upload a virus to your mobile makes life just a little more interesting for the plugged-in.

Me? I'll stick to my stone knives and bearskins.

Back to work!

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