Thursday, August 2, 2012

Off the grid

I've been camping and hiking the past week. No Internet, no TV, no radio, no phone. Can't say I missed it much. In fact, I didn't miss it at all. What did I miss? Ice water. Hot showers. Air conditioning, on one day. Otherwise, no not really much at all.

My legs and back are sore, but the good kind of sore. First thing I did was to get a chocolate malt. The next thing I did was to take a long, hot shower.

I hate to sound like one of those armageddon creeps, but if the time comes, I will definitely miss chocolate milk, and coffee.

I understand the US is doing well at the Olympics. Go, Gabby!


  1. I used to like letting it all go and go wilderness camping. I think I would still like it.

  2. I was camping at the Indiana Dunes National Lakeshore. Not exactly wilderness camping, but yeah, I hear you. I enjoyed camping out West, two weeks hike away from the road.