Monday, July 2, 2012

Why I don't weigh 700lbs is a mystery

Horse-radish encrusted beef tenderloin, steamed potatoes, asparagus (pineapple slice desert not shown)
I was, save for a brief period when I was on a frozen pizza and milkshake kick in high school, never what you could call a picky eater. When someone presented something weird, I'd ask what it was, but then I'd eat it. And if I didn't like it, I'd spit it out. Most of the times I liked.

Not so my other brothers. Each of them, in turn, had a particular favorite type of meat and starch combination they would eat, but vegetables? Salads? Even fruits? No way. As far as I can tell, from hearing from the sister-in-laws, still pretty true today. Meat and starch. It's probably why I am not a fat-fattie like they are.

Me? I love vegetables. I lo-oove asparagus spears. I'm one of those people who's pee smells funny after they eat it. It turns out some people's pee doesn't smell funny, and they can't even smell the smell of your funny pee if they smell it. But me, I'm glad my pee smells funny after eating asparagus, because it means my kidneys are functioning.

Okay, so anyway, the meal above (which I thought to take a picture of half-way through eating it). Leftovers from Mom's home cooking. Eaten this Monday after a visit back home over the weekend. Mom likes to cook. I like to eat.

They tell the story of my sister-in-law finding a type-written recipe in the recipe book, which, written in ink on the back of the notecard, says "Use twice the amount of ingredients if John is home".

It's true. I'm not quite the eater that my Uncle Fred was, he would, very patiently, continuously tuck it away. I would eat like a starving wolf. Slow and steady wins the race.

I'm still not quite sure why I am not 700 lbs.