Friday, July 6, 2012

The London Shard

People don't like it. They say it looks like a giant salt shaker. I don't mind. I'm no Dr. Who fan, but it doesn't bother me any...

Okay, no, here's the real one:

Photo courtesy of Christian Science Monitor

Hot! Most of the middle American continent is hot. After an 80 degree Marhc and a very mild winter, I  was expecting this. 120 in August? People don't seem to realize that North America is traditionally arid. Maybe, with the latest drought map, they will.

I'm wondering if it is time to start looking at land in the Hudson's Bay area.

Lastly, I've heard no good jokes about the Higgs boson. I made a groaner about priests liking the Higgs, because it has something to do with mass, but... oh, fuck it.


  1. after suffering through an exceptional drought last summer, I'm glad it's not us this summer, though I do have sympathies for those who are getting hit this summer.

    on the other hand, if global warming continues, and I see no reason why it won't based on our past performance, I should be getting some ocean front property.

    1. You are still not out of the woods, according to the NOAA map.

  2. I live in the Northeast, where grass grows as soon as you stop digging. When I see grass lawns in places like Albuquerque, though, I want to go around with a Mattock destroying those stupid buried irrigation systems everyone seems to have.