Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Industrial Nucleonics

Wouldn't you know it that a cool phrase I just came up with would have already been used by some company from the 1950s?

I tried an experiment this past Saturday. The heat wave broke about mid-day, and after getting my weekend job done in the afternoon, it was just too goddamn glorious out not to waste any time indoors. It had been nearly two months since I so painfully turned my foot running, and although there was still some visible swelling, sloshing liquid and pain around the torn ligaments, I figured let's go for a run. (And here is 
still more evidence that, despite the fact I feel like I'm eighteen, I am not. Had I turned my foot at the age of eighteen - which I no doubt did
back then - I'd have been back to running in just a few days...) So, I went out running. I think the experiment was successful, in that, my
injury did not get worse. I was intensely aware of my foot placement, posture, and all that other proper form and techniques covered in
kinesiology. So, I no doubt looked like a dainty little fawn prancing carefully through the woods. (No, probably not, more like that bigfoot 
footage). In any case, the foot didn't hurt when I was running.
I went for another run on Tuesday, and again, no pain during the run, as long as I run in a straight line.
(Still hurts when I walk, and I can feel fluid jiggling around on the top side of my foot... so not the ankle I damaged, but the best guess is the long plantar ligaments, as the tops of my toes bruised up soon after). Anyway, I 'm back to running, and about time too. I pretty much lost
all my wind. Those elliptical machines? I'd be drenched with sweat on them and my legs would be shaking, and I still couldn't get myself
out of breath. I really need my high impact aerobics and wind sprints to do the job on me.

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