Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Stupid Republican Tricks

Google autocomplete produces the following with the prompt "Republicans are-" evil, idiots, stupid, racist, crazy.

Google autocomplete produces the following with the prompt "Why are Republicans - ": so stupid, so hateful, against net neutrality(?), elephants, so evil.

In fairness the autocomplete for Democrats is (in succession): evil, idiots, stupid, liberal or conservative, racist
so stupid, donkeys, against a balanced budget amendment, against voter id, better than republicans

On the whole, it looks like the curious are asking equal questions of both parties, but the thing is, why are Republicans acting so dumb? I mean Democrats seem to be having fun when they are stupid, like posting pictures of their weiners, or dressing in tiger pajamas. Republicans, on the other hand, I guess, just insist on being pricks and assholes.

Look at the Honor Roll so far:

Joe "you lie!" Wilson of South Carolina. Rude asshole. Heckles the President during the State of the Union:

Randy "Babykiller" Neugebauer of Texas: Rude asshole, hypocrite. Calls REp. Bart Stupak a babykiller during passage of the healthcare reform bill. Decries government subsidies and wasteful spending, his district takes huge amount of agriculture subsidies and stimulus monies.

Joe "I'm sorry BP" Barton of Texas: Fucking stupid. Apologizes to the chairman of British Petroleum because they leaked 4.9 million barrels of toxic shit into Gulf of Mexico.

Joe "Deadbeat Dad" Walsh Of Illinios: Blowhard, prick. Just a stupid little one-term cocksucker.

Rand "Old Woodenhead" Paul: Watch the youtube videos of him. Especially his complaints about toilets, and not letting old people starve to death. Rand Paul, who claims that the market has "no confidence in President Obama or Secretary Geithner". Rand Paul, who says ""I really think we're living in a failed presidency at this point, because everyone who can vote by investing is not investing".
Apparently Paul hasn't noticed that the DOW closed at 6443.27 on 3/6/2009, and as of 11/20/2011 closed at 11,401.01. Yup. No investment has taken place. The Dow is now in negative numbers.

Here's my embedded take on him. I believe my little paper puppet is smarter than he is:

Whiny Little Asshole
And now, the latest stupid asshole to join the list: Rep. John Fleming of Louisiana. Summary for Fleming: Stupid Pampered Whiner.

Fleming complains that his businesses only provide him with $400,000 to feed his family. The reporter notes that families earning $40,000-50,000 a year may not be sympathetic towards his plight.

Here's his stupidity. His rebuttal is:
"Class warfare's never created a job"

What the fuck you talking about dipshit? What the fuck does that have to do with the observation that most people are not going to be sympathetic towards your pissy little moan that your take home pay is only $400,000 a year. (Which is a fucking lie, by the way, he earns more than that). And then to top this all off by simply parroting the current conservative party line is, quite simply, not the best display of intelligence I've seen.

This is what a so-called "job creator" looks like. Actually, take a picture of his butthole, because working in a Subway, or UPS store, is a shit job.

No actually, this may be a learning experience for Dr. Fleming (ah, a doctor, must have flunked biochem and punted) in that people can boycott his stores. Geez. No customers. No business activity. No business. No job creation. Can he figure out the syllogism?

Betty Don't.


  1. Well, what are your thoughts on the Republicans...

  2. I think Republicans are smart to know that dumbing down their message to the American voter will get them some votes, but not smart enough to know that the smart crowd thinks they are fucking stupid by wasting their time on morons.