Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Sick and tired of 9/11

I don't know about you, but I'm pretty much done with 9/11. I'm ready for September 11, 2001 to take its place alongside December 7, 1941 or February 15, 1898 (yeah, remember the Maine?). Tragedies all. But life moves on. Ten years after Pearl Harbor, I don't think they continued the carnival atmosphere you are going to see in NYC this week.

Did I say carnival atmosphere? Shit, it's turned into a gruesome festival, a morbid corpse-licking death celebration. I mean, when people are paying homage to twisted rusty girders from the Twin Towers like they were fucking pieces of the True Cross, something is very, very wrong here.

Look, I fully understand the import of what happened. I understand the loss of life, the suffering and grief of the families, the recognition of the bravery and sacrifice of the public servants and citizen heroes, but life moves on, know what I mean. If this were a family tragedy, and it is, a lot people would say this has moved into the realm of unhealthy obsession.

And what of the victims? Don't you think they've been brutalized enough? Maybe we should leave them alone to reflect in their own way, rather than be inflicted every fucking year with this grisly fixation.

Should we have some closure this year? I mean, we got the motherfuckers, right? We've devastated their countries, killed and maimed anyone even marginally connected to all of it. I'd say we got our revenge, and it's time to get back to normal.

Or at least get back to what passes for normal.


  1. And here I was expecting to get a visitation from all the flying monkeys, aka the creepy conservative chickenhawks who have added to the ruination of our country with all this post-911 bullshit. But I guess I'm not well known enough...

  2. I agree wholeheartedly. I, too, wrote about it in my blog. Here, you can read it if you want. Or not, if you don't want to. It is kind of long.


  3. Welcome Emma,

    I read your essay, and I think you are spot on.

    Bin Laden got exactly what he wanted. We went ape-shit, blew through entirely too much blood and treasure, and here we are now with a huge new department of Homeland Security, and none of us knows what it does, or how much it spends, or how they pry into our lives, or how severely our freedoms have been diminished.

  4. I agree completely. It's been 10 fucking years, I understand the 10th anniversary, but this should stop soon. Even if your loved ones died, 10 years have passed, who grieves over someone who died 10 years ago? 10 YEARS! It's time to grow up America. We all know there really were no terrorist and if they were they were hired to do that, all evidence says so.

  5. Yes please, 10 years is a perfect round number. 10 years wasted, 10 years spent "protecting our freedoms", 10 years diverting our national energies to paranoia, bloodshed and destruction. A real "golden era" this past decade... Good fucking riddance.

  6. That's ok, when it gets old enough and people stop all the parading, there will be a new 'disaster' and that way our children can suffer through the same dramatic BS. Good post, glad to see there are others who feel the same.

  7. I always figured I was the only one that thought this 9/ll "tradition" we go through each year was really dumb. Guess not. Each year we see some new conspiracy theories, documentaries, and "what really happened", but it's just ridiculous. I agree that we should "not forget" but I think a lot of us, including the families of the victims, would appreciate not seeing people jump to their deaths or burning alive each year on television. I guarantee this "parade" of 9/11 will continue to go on for as long as people continue to take part in it. 9/11 was a tragic day, but I would really not like to relive it each year just like the media continues to do.

  8. I totally agree. I feel like re-hashing this day each year only leads to more anti-Muslim sentiment, more teabagging tripe, more hared, more division. I too am ready for it to take it's place in history. But the sheeple just have to do the popular thing and say where they were that day, and what they felt. I did it too this year...but went on to say that I'm ready to move on, that I have hope that we can one day live as the HUMAN RACE. Jeez. Enough.

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