Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Is it too late to rehabilitate the Gadsden Flag?

Should a faction of the Republican party, a rabidly insane bunch of fat, arrogant, overpaid, overfed, sanctimonious, overindulged, white, racist, over-privileged, disgustingly soft-bodied, pudge ball, business criminal, asshole cocksuckers like the Tea Party be allowed to mangle a symbol of American unity to further their own selfish, useless,  tiny-brained, fucked-up Ayn Randian vision of how Lily White and Christian and seriously puckered up asshole tight America should be? I don't think so. The question is, is it too late?

Suffering from patriotism? Or just a severely irritated colon? You decide!
Considering that the latest polls suggest that Tea Partiers are more unpopular than atheists and Muslims,  perhaps it's time they stop appropriating a perfectly good symbol. They've already managed to ruin the word "patriot".

My understanding is, now that they've put their anal taint on this symbol, even a request from stalwart Americans like Marine veterans to fly the flag is getting a refusal. From this site:

In Connecticut, lawmakers refused to fly the Gadsden flag at the capitol building in April because of the Tea Party’s “political nature,” but they also refused to display it on the Fourth of July at the request of a group of retired Marines. A man living near Phoenix, Ariz. was recently ordered by his homeowners’ association to remove the Gadsden flag flying outside his home, despite his protests that he wasn’t displaying it to support the Tea Party. The American Civil Liberties Union came to his defense, citing a violation of First Amendment rights. In Colorado, a similar dispute over the same flag is ongoing as well.

The Gadsden Flag first went into battle as the personal flag of Commodore Esek Hopkins, a battle flag for the Continental Marines. It is one of the first flags of the US Marine Corps.

The Gadsden Flag


  1. Would you want to develop this as a guest post for We Are Respectable Negroes? I think you are on to something that could be good fun and informative.

  2. Mister D,

    Sure! I think I can add some fun stuff to it. Particularly in the profanity department...

  3. Addendum: Apparently the Eastern Diamondback Rattler may be an endangered species? What will the teatards do? I'm pretty sure they don't like the government meddling with their flag!

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