Tuesday, August 2, 2011

The Lesson of History Is That No One Learns From It

Hopefully, this is my last political rant for awhile. The henny-penny-the-sky-is-falling manufactured debt
"crisis" and subsequent ass-fisting-via-hot-metal-gauntlet of the American public is distracting me from much more worthwhile topics. Granted, it is a funny subject. And there is a lot of comedy gold to be mined from this. And yes, anger, properly channeled, does provide an amazing impetus to humor.

But I've been neglecting much more interesting things, like science news which is the only news which is actually news. The rest is all just under the category of primate buffoonery. Hey, there's a label. I really need to go back and index my posts with labels. Maybe I'll start with that label.

Anyway, if Central Casting still existed in Hollywood, and a movie were being made where certain physical archetypes were needed, and one of the roles called for a physical archetype that represented a person who was, um, let's see: cantankerous, abrasive, easily distracted and flummoxed, with a vastly inflated ego bordering on toxic narcissism, utterly lacking in impulse control and temper management, consistently manages to jump to the wrong conclusion, is a control freak, and cannot, under any circumstance, recognize the worth and dignity of his or her fellow creatures, why, then, they would.. No! Not me, you fuckface!

Central Casting would say "Oh, you want an Asshole Boss!"

(Well, ever since we got civilized, I'd say they are easy to find. That's not to say there were not Asshole Bosses in more egalitarian times, back when we were hunter/gatherers, but nothing that a club to the side of the head wouldn't cure).

A Regular Joe Walsh
An Asshole Boss Archetype
I think Central Casting would send me this guy to the right: Rep. Joe Walsh of IL-08. Not to be confused with the more famous guy on the left: Joe Walsh.

IL-08 district includes such places as Schaumburg, Palatine, Hoffman Estates, Rolling Meadows, your standard bland, boring, cement and asphalt suburban strip mall mini-hells that are destined to be used as backdrops in the dystopian SF movies of the 1980s, once the Era of The 1980s Dystopia arrives. And, since Joe Walsh is the representative for the region, one would assume that the denizens are abrasive,  irresponsible, smarmy, self-righteous buttholes. Deadbeat Dad. Hypocrite. Cocksucker.

He is exactly the kind "conservative firebrand" that you don't want making your proxy decisions in Congress - unless, of course, you are an Asshole Boss type from Central Casting yourself.

Well, see Joe Walsh is the poster child for Why Term Limits Won't Work. He doesn't give a shit. He doesn't give a shit about anything but Joe Walsh. Simple as that. There is no way for the average citizen to control his character, same as with the other Teatard nihilists. Carrots and sticks have no effect on these jackasses. The threat of reelection won't work on them. Pork won't work on them. They are zealots. Jihadists. Assholes in the extreme.

And they are just one reason why term limits are one of those stupid, simplistic, band-aid ideas that simpletons love so much.

Term limits will not stop corruption. If anything, by moving the institutional memory from the elected officials to the permanent bureaucracies of staff, government and lobbyists, things will get worse.

(This is something the private enterprise cheerleaders just don't fucking get. Power, like energy and matter, can neither be created nor destroyed. Power is merely shifted. Where do you want the power to reside? Because there's no fairy wand that poof! makes all oppression disappear when you eliminate so-called "government oppression". You just shift the weight to some other oppressive butthole).

Term limits will create an even more venal, virulent politician. One who, since he or she has a limited time offer to build up the goodie sack of perquisites and network connections, is more likely to engage in selfish behavior.  And let's not forget the inevitable decrease in value that elected officials will have to corrupt and evil lobbyists and special interests. Let's face it, long-term politicians have more clout than freshmen. They are harder to buy, and harder to keep. It's a simple matter of productivity, just likein business.

Most important, term limits will not discourage nutbags and zealots from extremist behavior. Witness the past month or so. This is nothing new! Go back and read your fucking history.

And lastly, believe it or not, a team that works together for a long time, that knows each other, strengths and weaknesses, hidden scandals, and yes, the occasional honorable personal triumphs, can actually get things done more effectively than a rookie team.  Love 'em or hate 'em, they govern more effectively.

And, yes, government is a thing unique unto itseslf. It's not a business. Anyone who tells you that is fucking idiot, or a fucking liar. It's not a family affair either. It's governing. Period. Fast and quick solutions, black and white solutions, fixes from other fields of human endeavor simply do not apply.

So, what's the systemic solution to bad governing? What's the equilibrium point? There isn't one!

Quit thinking statically. Think dynamically. Each "solution", called as such, will be unique to condition, and the realm of general solutions is the realm of Faerie.

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