Saturday, December 25, 2021

Happy Covid Christmas

I always wondered what society would be like if people worshipped Thor instead of Jesus.

Both Iron Age religions, but Thor is a lot more mellow than Jesus beleive it or not. None of this weird cannibalsim of blood and body. Every one just carries around a hammer. Well, not children. You are initiated at the proper age and worthy of a hammer.

I bet after 2000 years you got some maniac hammer moves people do when they greet. It's Russian death ballet. 

And people bless each other with the hammer too. Hold your hammer over something and pray? Why not?

Although blessing with the hammer originally meant Thor jacked off to make the hammer blessing. Because they are barbarians and are used to bodily stuff happening.

With Thor as your savior, we don't do the Crusades, we don't do the insurrections and mass conversions, we don't get churches or cathedrals. We get forests. Manicured forests, just like you want.

Happy Mayonaisse.

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